5 Smarts Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Create More Engagement

5 Smarts Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Create More Engagement

In today’s time, bounce rate is considered as one of the most essential barometers and also known as the most misunderstood metrics.

Bounce rate!

There’s nothing more heartbreaking and frustrating for a business owner than a sky-high bounce rate on a website that was specially designed to keep the user engaged. Well, in today’s time, bounce rate is considered as one of the most essential barometers and also known as the most misunderstood metrics. Maybe, this is why most of the business owner fails to keep a track on their business bounce rate and couldn’t understand the reason behind the same.

If you too belong to the same category, this article might be helpful to you. Here, the experts from one of the top digital marketing companies have mentioned the smart ways to reduce your bounce rate and create much better engagement in less time.

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5 Smarts Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate & Create More Engagement

What Is a Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is basically the percentage of the number of users who landed on the website and leave back without getting converted or within minutes. When the business fails to convince the user for call-to-action, it is termed as a high bounce rate.

Now you might be thinking that it is an obvious behaviour of the user, right? Well, bounce rate is defined in three different categories.

  • Good Bounce Rate - 80%
  • Average Bounce Rate - 50% to 70%
  • Bad Bounce Rate - 30% to 50%

There are a lot more reasons that can trigger bounce rate, such as -

  • Closing browsers
  • Returning to search results
  • Staying inactive
  • Entering a new URL in the address bar
  • Surfing the entire page without interacting
  • Following an external link

These are some of the reasons behind the increased bounce rate. Now, the major question arises, how to reduce that bounce rate. Here is the solution.

5 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Conversion

Tip #1 - Offer Better User Experience

User experience is generally the overall experience that the user takes while surfing your business website. That’s why it is essential to create a better user experience so that the customer visiting your website do not only find it appealing but convert into a potential customer as well. Creating a better business website is the foremost step towards it, so focus on it.

Tip #2 - Improve Website’s Speed

It’s a fact that visitors make up their mind within a few seconds after surfing the website. So, there is no sense in showing them a blank page loading script or any unnecessary or downloading content in the beginning. This will increase the bounce rate and the user will ultimately return back. So, it is better to improve the speed of your website and keep on optimizing your web pages. You can also take professional assistance if you do not have the desired team for the same.

Tip #3 - Include Videos to Engage Audience

None of the users wants to read long texts while surfing a website but will surely love to watch engaging videos at that place. So, it is a wise idea to include videos as a background or you can also add it right next to your call-to-action. Remember, videos can be a powerful tool to engage the audience via animations, audio, music, etc. Simply create an effective video and insert it on your website to attract the audience.

Tip # 4 - Let Your Customers Speak

Apart from all the creativeness, testimonials also hold great importance in defining your authenticity to the visitors. So, always make sure to include the testimonial section on your website where you can showcase your existing customer’s feedback. You can also share your success story as a lot of people love to read the story behind the success. This can be a plus point in decreasing the bounce rate of the website and increase engagement as well.

Tip #5 - Make Your Website Readable

It is obvious that the majority of the content on the website is in text format. But, this important part of any website’s user experience is the most neglected one. But, every business owner should know that it is one of the most crucial elements that could shape the site’s visual experience. For that, you need to make sure that the text that you are using on the website should be readable enough and the font size should be medium.


Generally, bounce rate is well-known as a key metric as it reveals so much about digital marketing, user experience, and relevancy. So, always keep a keen eye on the bounce rate to measure your business progress and make further efforts accordingly. Too many bounces can impede your conversion and leaves a negative effect on your business sales and lower down the conversion rate. So, if you are new to the business world and do not have much idea about the same, it is better to avail services from a renowned digital marketing agency that offer affordable SEO packages and other services. This will help you get better conversions and reduce the bounce rate as well.