Guide to develop an app like Netflix and the solutions available in the market

Guide to develop an app like Netflix and the solutions available in the market

Netflix Clone

People are slowly shifting towards the app like Netflix for watching their favorite shows and movies. The main reason for this shift is that these apps provide content without any interruptions for commercial breaks and also that users can watch the shows as per their convenience. The on-demand video streaming app has a wide variety of contents to choose from. Business owners are aspiring to venture into these fields owing to the promising market trends. It is challenging to develop to Netflix clone app from scratch as it involves a lot of resources, and it is time-consuming.

Let's look at the stages of Netflix clone app development: -

Analysis: The general layout of the application has to be decided by the development team. It includes the platforms to deploy, cost incurred for each process, features, and many other factors.

Design: The UI/UX designers take care of the front end app design. It is an integral part of the app development process.

Development: It involves agile methodology to develop the front-end and back-end components. The development is an iterative process as it takes place again after the quality check.

Quality Assurance: In order to check the product quality, unit testing, regression, and regression testing are carried out. Apart from these usual testing procedures, advanced QA methods like speed tests, load testing, stress testing, and server load balancing as per the requirement also take place.

Launch: After testing, the launch of the Netflix clone in platforms like Google PlayStore and iOS App Store takes place. This process also includes the promotion of the product in various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


The video streaming app clone's development requires in-depth knowledge of the platform, which is difficult to find. Business owners can make use of the ready-made solutions offered by Appdupe. It provides users with a complete script for Netflix with all the salient features. Apart from that, it also takes care of customization and branding.