Is A Refurbished Laptop Worth Buying?

Is A Refurbished Laptop Worth Buying?

Find if a Refurbished Laptop Worth Buying and how refurbished laptops are better choice to buy instead of new one.

Not everyone prefers to buy a laptop that is previously owned by someone else. But you need to understand that not all the refurbished laptops are second hand. The user might have returned the laptop to the seller just after purchasing it. Buying refurbished laptops could be a great deal as you get more for less price. What's more amazing is that you'll get a warranty for a certain time period.

Refurbished Versus used laptops

The authorized refurbished laptop sellers sanitize and furnish the pre-owned laptops before making them available for sale. During the reconditioning process, the laptop undergoes thorough testing to identify and fix the faulty components like screen, keyboard, connections, power supply etc. The end product is just as good as new. It is a clean and fully functional laptop with even better performance.

If the seller is selling out the laptop without following this process, then it is being used instead of being refurbished.

Is buying a refurbished laptop, a good deal?

If you are looking for a laptop and have a restricted budget you have to compromise with the specifications if you buy a brand-new laptop. But if you purchase a refurbished laptop, you don't have to settle for less. You can have one with better specifications for the same price.

But not every deal is great. You need to be sure about the product quality and performance before buying it. Before making any move just know two things;

1. What is the cost of the renewed laptop?

Price is a very important factor to check if the deal is genuine. If there's too much discount, check the product. There might be some sort of scam. And if the refurbished product and brand-new product has a very small price difference or has the same price, then the deal is not worth it.

For example, if a new laptop costs $1200 and the refurbished one is available for $1100, don't buy. Because you can add $100 more to buy one with an extended warranty. Also, if the same laptop is available for like $600 or less, be alert! It might be a scam.

So, the thing you can do here is price comparison. It might sound like a good deal due to less price but it might not be actually if compared with the competing options. So, the conclusion is that, just because the renewed laptop is available at a heavy discount, doesn't mean you should grab this deal. They might be cheap but there's no guarantee or Quality Assurance. You have to rely totally on the seller's word. Do some research about the latest market price before anything.

2. Who is the seller?

You should check the authentication of the seller before buying the renewed laptop. The certified seller makes sure the laptop is tested and restored to like a new laptop by their professionals. You'll get a warranty of 14 days to 6 months. Some sellers even have a return policy. If there's any problem with the reconditioned laptop or you didn't like it, you can return it to the seller within a certain time frame. However, the conditions apply here.

What are the available financing options if you don’t have enough money?

The reconditioned laptop will cost you less than a new laptop. If your monthly budget doesn’t allow you to buy a refurbished device, these are the options you have;

Borrow from a friend or family member

Ask your friend or colleague or relative to lend you some money for a certain time period. Make them believe that you’ll definitely return the money as promised.

Easy Monthly Installments

If you hesitate to ask your known person for money, you have another option EMI (Easy Monthly Installments). Buy the laptop and pay the amount in small monthly instalments as per your monthly budget. It will ease your burden.

Loan from bank

Banks often come up with interesting loan offers. If you have such an offer, you can apply for the loan.

Where to look for refurbished laptops in Singapore?

In Singapore, Amazon and Lazada are the most popular online shopping sites. Renewed laptops are available on these sites. You can also find the reconditioned laptops on Qoo10 and eBay. Apart from that, there are some specific sellers of refurbished products in Singapore such as Digital Hospital, Laptop House Pte Ltd, PC Dreams, Laptop Factory Outlet and ElectronicsCrazy.

Shopping form trustworthy sites give peace of mind. Their return policy is fair and hassle-free. There's a return period of 30-days for most of the renewed laptops available on Amazon. Also, there's an additional warranty on the product. Same goes with the other eCommerce giants.

The other sellers are worth checking as they deal in mobile phones, laptops and computers specifically. Another advantage of approaching them is you can directly consult the seller if you have any doubt. You can find the contact details on their respective websites.

So, the bottom line is, it's all about money if your pocket allows you and you don't want a laptop that had someone else's fingers on it, buy a brand-new device. And if you want quality and performance within a restricted budget, a refurbished laptop is worth considering.