Why your 40’s are the Perfect Time for a Career Revolution

Why your 40’s are the Perfect Time for a Career Revolution

You’ve spent 15+ years driving your career in a direction for others; it’s time you took over the drivers seat. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

I really despise the cultural concept of being “over the hill” at 40. Mostly because it projects the idea that life is over after 40, and “all downhill” from there.

Having been “over the hill” for more than a few years now, the wisdom gained, personal growth experienced, and clarity on a bigger purpose behind what I do have provided the continuous fuel required for me to revolutionize my career, making my boldest moves and transitions at 40 and beyond.

I’d say the scariest parts of being 40+ and making bold career moves are the risk and potential loss of security. This includes external sources of security such as income, benefits, and pension. It also includes the security that comes from routine, being ‘comfortable’, being seen as the expert in your current role, and the predictability and known outcomes you can rely on day-to-day.

What’s equally as scary though, and not talked about in succession planning meeting with leaders or potentially even with your closet confidante, is getting to a certain point in your career where you start to wake up more days than not, look around at what you’re doing, feel disconnected with what you’re doing while starting to connect with what you’re feeling, and whispering … “Is this it? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Is there not something more?”

At 40, when I chose to step off the corporate ladder I’d been climbing since my 20’s, it was without a plan. No idea as to what I was going to do. The plan was to take a few months off to recharge, spend time with family, and figuring out who I was and what I wanted to do when I grew up. Or more specifically, who I wanted to be.

Over 6+ years, I’ve experienced a transformation in the work I do, how I do it, and importantly, my perspectives around work. I had a conditioning where I had believed that my career had to be one thing, grown taking a logical path, and that success was determined by my title and salary which drove my value and worth. Today, with a very different perspective, I’m on a mission to help other women in their 40’s to redefine what success looks and feels like to them, then achieve it. To make the career or business they imagine visible, by becoming visible.

The beautiful thing about being a woman in your 40’s is that you have decades, not just a few years … DECADES of valuable experience to draw upon, as well as a keen and growing awareness of who you are, and what you want.

"Women 40 and older have the vitality of younger women but with the wisdom and confidence that come with age" (Prevention.com)

Here’s some of reasons why I believe your 40’s are the perfect time for your career revolution:

• Your decades of knowledge + experience = wisdom which means the perfect shift into roles where that wisdom is crucial to others achieving their desired success (and the organizations success).

You’re priorities are more clear

• The desire to no longer do what you’re doing is enough fuel to give you the courage to do something different and take some risks in the process.

• You’ve gained an appreciation for time, and where you truly want to spend With the wisdom gained from a few years spent “over the hill” I also reject the cultural notion of it because of another, reimagined one.

Why your 40’s are the Perfect Time for a Career Revolution


What if being “over the hill” meant that finally, you’re done walking that path where success is defined by those things external to you; other people’s judgement, your income, titles, and accomplishments others see as valuable.

What if, at 40+, you’ve stood at the top of the hill, looked behind at where you’ve come from, how you got there and (importantly) why, and made a choice. The choice to dump all that focus on external definitions of success and instead, started to look inward.

When you look inward, and redefine success based on your own internal values, the next steps towards what you want are taken with much more ease. Kinda like you’re walking down a hill.