How good is Gomti Nagar Extension for property investment

How good is Gomti Nagar Extension for property investment
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Gomti Nagar Extension is a great option when it comes to investing in real estate.

In the past decade, the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, has definitely emerged as a potential hub for real estate investments. The options for residential and commercial properties here are one too many, and as people are shifting to this city to find or make their homes here, Lucknow is responding equally well by looking into the rising demands. Many real estate developers have put their money into developing classy and luxurious projects in prospective locations here, and why not? The business is booming!

While the city has seen developments in many areas, Gomti Nagar Extension seems to stand out in terms of the most eye-catching location for residential growth. To date, it holds a soft spot and a good position when it comes to premium offerings. Here are a few reasons why.

Planned Development

In Uttar Pradesh, both Gomti Nagar Extension and Gomti Nagar are areas that have received really well-planned residential developments. Residents in the area are happy and comfortable, leading a very relaxed lifestyle. The infrastructural growth in this location is relatively new and continues to turn heads even today. No wonder people want to buy flats in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

Superb Connectivity

Gomti Nagar and Gomti Nagar Extension are two areas that are very well connected to other regions in the city. There is a special expressway that connects the airport and the stations so that traffic and congested roads can be avoided. The city also has a smoothly running metro system. You can look for apartments in Lucknow that are close to the metro.

Finest Facilities

Almost every locality in the Gomti Nagar Extension area has excellent facilities to offer. These include lush green parks, stadiums, sports facilities, and so on. Anything you can think of that is required next to a residential area can be found here. Phoenix Shopping Mall, which is the largest mall in Lucknow, is very close to this area. There is also a range of schools, hospitals, and employment opportunities that one can check out. If you want to buy a flat in Lucknow, Experion Developers are a good place to start!


Despite this area being so well developed, the residential properties in Gomti Nagar fall in the affordable range. It is probably one of the best parts of housing facilities in this region. Even though the houses come with various added amenities and benefits, pricing is justified and reasonable. If you are looking for an apartment in Gomti nagar, Lucknow, do have a look at Experion Capital!


The rates of residential properties in Gomti Nagar have been showing healthy appreciation on an annual basis. There have been times in the past couple of years when residential property rates have dropped in general, but fortunately, in Lucknow, they have only appreciated with dedicated consistency. Therefore, this is definitely an excellent place to invest in.

The factors mentioned above all add up to make Lucknow a very attractive destination for real estate investments. With so many positives, it is hard to make a decision that goes against investing here. Read up on all the required details before making a call and grab the best deal out there!