8 Best Hospitals in India for Cancer Treatment

 8 Best Hospitals in India for Cancer Treatment

Escorted by the advancement in technology, the healthcare industry has experienced a roll.

The Indian Scenario of Oncology!

All cancers involve abnormal growth of cells and tissues in particular portions of the body. With recurring instances of cancer these days, there is a demand for skilful practitioners. Oncology, the study of cancer and its treatment, is therefore essential. An oncologist may specialize in different disciplines- Pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, Radiation treatments, chemotherapy, so on and so forth.

Escorted by the advancement in technology, the healthcare industry has experienced a roll. From a cyberknife to the most technically-sound machines for scanning procedures, Indian hospitals are well aided with the newest pieces of equipment. These medical institutions aim at providing a supportive environment for guarded surgeries and speedy recovery.

A person suffering from this life-threatening condition is rarely in the state to pick a particular hospital for his treatment and medication process.

Since the general people hardly have any idea about the most proficient centres, we have created a list of the eight best hospitals in India for cancer treatment.

Top Indian hospitals that treat cancer

1. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Delhi

With competent professionals, RGCIRC is the top-ranked centre for cancer treatment in India. It consists of 13 dedicated departments and specialized clinics, delivering a range of cancer therapies. The doctors and nurses take comprehensive care of the individual and help them to deal with physical as well as mental discomfort by providing a hospitable surrounding similar to home. Loaded with modern tools, 360-degree cancer treatment utilities and patient-friendly infrastructure, RGCIRC assists revival efficiently.

2. American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad

The hospital provides organ conservation cancer procedures at a comparatively low cost than the specialized centres abroad. The quality of treatment, in addition to the internationally accredited facilities offered, is exceptional.

3. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

TMH is one of the least expensive quality centres for cancer treatment. The practitioners here constantly research to improve their quality standards. The hospital offers counselling sessions for not only the patients but also their family members who are indirectly affected by the disease.

4. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Private Hospital is known to have completed several successful robotic surgeries. This feature makes the hospital stand out from the rest. Moreover, it offers proton therapy and cell stem transplantation in addition to the primary cancer treatment.

5. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi NCR

Be it bone marrow transplant or hormone therapy, Fortis is medically advanced and contains one of the biggest and well-equipped pathology labs of the country. The medical centre brings specialists from different domains under one roof to assist patient recovery.

6. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai

This well-known cancer care facility is one of the most sought after hospitals for cancer treatment. The rehabilitation facilities at Nanavati makes it an excellent choice for seeking treatment. Moreover, the surgeons are friendly and available 24/7 to cater to even the slightest requirement.

7.Continental Cancer Institute, Hyderabad

With a powerful healthcare system and cutting-edge technologies, Continental Cancer Institute is a premier institute which has a team of experts who aim at providing an accurate diagnosis of the cancer type apart from its remarkable, robust infrastructure.

8.Columbia Asia Hospital, Bengaluru

This renowned chain of treatment centres focuses on providing evidence-based treatments. The experts at Columbia guide the patients from the initial stage to the stage post-treatment, i.e. the recovery. The oncologists at the hospital monitor patient condition as no other centre does.

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