How Can One Measure Phone Cost After Replacing Its Parts?

How Can One Measure Phone Cost After Replacing Its Parts?

How much should a refurbished smartphone cost? Determining the phone replacement parts cost can help you come up with a better resale value for an old device.

The cost of a brand-new smartphone these days doesn’t come cheap as brands like Apple and its rival Samsung sell their premium devices for more than £1,000. Although splurging on these high-end gadgets can mean better function and longevity, they may not be for everyone. As a matter of fact, according to a study conducted by CCS Insight, 60% of smartphone users in the UK are considering buying refurbished mobile devices next time as the availability of replacement parts for mobile devices are making it easier for repair shops to offer second-hand units at cheaper prices.

How Can One Measure Phone Cost After Replacing Its Parts?

Refurbished phones are becoming in-demand.

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What is the Cost of a Phone after Its Parts are Replaced?

You’re probably considering repairing or refurbishing your old smartphone in order to sell it afterwards. This is not a bad idea given that there is a market for such devices. After all, not everyone is keen on splurging on premium mobile phones these days as most people are tightening their belts as times are becoming tough.

One way of determining the value of a smartphone after its parts have been replaced is to take a look at the phone replacement parts cost. This depends mostly on the parts that need to be replaced and the brand. Just to give you an idea on the existing cost of phone parts if you will bring your smartphone to its manufacturers, take a look below.

  • Screen. The current cost of replacing a smartphone’s broken screen for phones like the iPhone and Galaxy ranges from £150 to £270 when your warranty has expired. The cheapest one available is from OnePlus which is less than £100.
  • Battery. Fortunately, the cost of having a battery replaced is less than £70 for different mobile devices even when you are no longer covered by warranty.
  • Charging Port. A loose or malfunctioning charging port can cost you around £50 at least depending on your smartphone’s brand.

The phone replacement parts cost will usually vary depending on the quality of the parts. Check this out how much can be spent for a particular replacement part. Fortunately, buying from certified sellers can ensure that the items you will be getting are OEM which can help keep the device functioning properly.

A Brief Timeline of Cost of Cell Phones

How Can One Measure Phone Cost After Replacing Its Parts?

How much were the phones back in the days?

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Taking a look at the history of mobile phones and their retail prices can give you a better understanding on how much refurbished models will cost. Here’s a brief timeline for you to consider.

  • Motorola DynaTAC. This was the first ever mobile phone to hit the market, but its retail price was at $3,995. If you will compare it to today’s smartphone, you will only get half an hour of call time from the DynaTAC plus the battery can only last up to six hours.
  • Motorola StarTAC. Since a bulky cell phone won’t do, Motorola released the StarTAC which measured only 3.1 ounces. It was the first time a flip-phone was ever seen in the market and it had a price tag of $1,000.
  • Nokia 6110. The 6110 was released in the market for only $900 for the device only. Nokia made this model more business centered by adding functions such as calculator, conversion, calendar, as well as clock.
  • BlackBerry Pearl. This was one of the top-selling BlackBerry phones in the market when it was first released in 2006 with its price ranging from $350 to $400. It had a 1.3MP camera at the rear plus a trackball for navigating the menu.
  • iPhone (1st Gen). The first generation iPhone was also the first time when a touch screen mobile device came into being. There were no trackballs or keyboards to deal with but rather a screen that responds to every tap. It sold for $600 which was the most expensive at that time.
  • Galaxy. The first-ever Samsung Galaxy graced the market in 2009 with a price tag of $645. It was better than the iPhone 4 thanks to its 5MP camera, 4 inch screen, 512 GB internal storage, and 1Ghz processor.

Today, the current prices of premium mobile devices range from £700 to £1,500 depending on the brand, model, as well as their functions and features. Based on the timeline, you can see how the design of the cell phone has changed over the years and how they were priced too. It should not come as a surprise that mobile phone manufacturers will want a hefty price tag for their creations.

Determining the Total Cost of Owning a Smartphone

Knowing the phone replacement parts cost is just one factor when you are figuring out the value of your smartphone. Another is figuring out what the total cost of owning one is which includes the mobile phone deals that you are using. Unfortunately, this can be a bit complicated since you have to take into account the tariffs, the cost of the device upfront, rental charges, cashback offers, as well as offers for line rentals.

To make things simpler, there are several factors to consider:

  • Line rental charge per month. This is the fee that you pay to your mobile carrier each month.
  • Upfront fee. There are some brands and models that you can get for “free” when you get a deal from a specific carrier. Others will require an upfront fee for it.
  • Discounts. Mobile carriers do offer deals to customers such as from cashback, and 50% off or free line rental.

Normally, the total cost of your phone ownership will be roughly between £500 to £1,000 if you are using a contract that runs for 24 months. You can divide this number into the number of months to determine what your effective cost for each month is which is basically the amount you are handing over to your carrier.

How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone

How Can One Measure Phone Cost After Replacing Its Parts?

How can you save on your mobile phone?

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Most of us are overpaying our mobile phone carriers as we barely look at the monthly fees that we are paying. But since you are here wanting to know the true value of your device after taking into account the phone replacement parts cost, you might want to take steps to reduce your spending on it.

Aside from replacing your old device with a refurbished unit, you can also consider the following tips:

  • Text to Switch. A good number of UK residents are aware of the text to switch offer that allows them to change their carriers with just a text. You will need to request for a code which you will have to present to your new carrier within a month.
  • Know Your Usage. Not everyone gets to use up their monthly allotted data hence you end up overpaying. You can check your usage online to give you a much better idea on how much you are using to be able to select the best mobile phone deals for you.
  • Install a Spending Cap. Another reason why you are spending much on your mobile use is because you often use up your allotted data early. You can add a spending cap to your plan to prevent you from overspending and you can also switch to Wi-Fi if you are not dealing with sensitive tasks.
  • Start Haggling. This is a great idea especially when your contract is nearing expiration and you want to stay with your current carrier. Haggling with the carrier will get you the best deals out there.
  • Recycle. If you are thinking of upgrading your old gadget, instead of disposing of it or storing it away, you should recycle it instead and get paid for it.

Can You Still Save when Upgrading Your Phone?

The phone replacement parts cost and using it to repair your phone is typically cheaper compared to buying a brand-new device. However, if the damage to your device is going to cost you more, then getting a replacement mobile gadget will be more beneficial to you. Fortunately, there are cheap cell phones out there which you can find with these steps:

  • Compare the cost of buying the device upfront. Sometimes, you will be saving more if you purchase the mobile phone upfront then find a cheap SIM to install. Not only will help you save in the long run, but you will also be able to switch carriers too.
  • Consider refurbished. If you are not inclined to spend more than £1000 for a new phone, a refurbished smartphone is a great alternative. This type of mobile phone typically works like new but sold at a much cheaper rate.
  • Compare contracts. Buying a phone that comes with a two-year contract is not the best way to save money on your end. You can bring the cost down by going to a reseller as well as comparing deals from multiple sources. Taking the time to compare prices and handsets as well as warranties can help you find the right device for you.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing the cost of your smartphone after replacing the damaged parts usually starts with knowing the phone replacement parts cost especially if you will be the one to do the repairs. Aside from that, you should also take into account the mobile phone deal that you are using to determine if you are saving more or are losing money in the long run.