10 FREE Things You Can Do During Slow Times

10 FREE Things You Can Do During Slow Times

Here is a list of 10 FREE things you can do for your business during slow times or at any time to re-inspire you!

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I read a blog the other day that made me think more positively. Rather than dwelling on the things I can’t do right now or the challenges I face, this blog hit home and made me think of the things that I can be doing right now!

So I created this list of FREE things which, for me, makes a double positive! I’ve also included some links or ideas that are also FREE!

Although this list is written for entrepreneurs, many of these things can be adapted to just about anyone. No doubt, this is a time when everyone is watching their finances and may feel unconnected due to isolation. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive!


I start with this one because I think it’s important to not forget to look ahead. Dream about the opportunities ahead. Dream about what you would like to do when you are no longer in isolation. Dream about ideas and journeys and what makes you happy. Create a list and every day, review it, or one item that makes you smile when you dream about it! Here’s a link to popular journaling apps.


If you are not doing a newsletter then it’s a great time to start one. If you are, then continue to gather materials so you have the resources when you need them. Gather articles, your own photos, ideas, themes. Plan them out for a few months. Stay ahead of the game. Here’s a quick read about newsletters.

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