Why did we create this magazine?

Why did we create this magazine?

Every magazine has its initial purpose, which may evolve over time. Here is our initial vision for starting this magazine...

We wanted to create a place where people can go to read about the practical application of various spiritual techniques and concepts, as well as detailed experience of what it is like to work with authentic, skilled, and effective practitioners in each area of specialization.

We welcome practitioners, who feel their services could add value to this knowledge base, to get in touch with us to share what they do.

We also welcome requests from our readers, for the modalities that they would like to learn more about, or real-life problems that they would like to know if there is a spiritual modality and practitioner that would be a good fit to guide them to a healthy resolution.

Let's work together!

Spiritual work is not about competition, its about sharing our unique gifts of service with the world, and finding the right words to explain what that is.

This way, those who could benefit from what we have to offer can find us. And those in search for something different, can find the practitioner or teacher who may be a better fit for them.

Love, Bless, and Strong Light!

Alahnnaa, Alie, and Marina

Your "Practical Spiritual Services" ground team!

soul contract, human design, astrology, gene keys, divine healing, parenting, mental health, entrepreneurship, challenging relationships, young adults, spiritual seekers

Alahnnaa Campbell (of You Have A Life Plan)

Mediator, HeartCentred Living Coach, Human Rights Specialist, ThetaHealing, Mindfulness

Alie Amaral (of HeartQuest)

radical forgiveness, retreats

Marina George (Radical Forgiveness Coach)