Who's to blame - Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, or humanity?

Who's to blame - Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, or humanity?

Who's to blame for our present experience, and what's the lesson? How do we find ourselves in a better position when this is all done?

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Let me warn you in advance, this is a colourful article :)

As mainstream puts out garbage articles about astrology (see us debunk them in: FACT-CHECKER for Astrology Nay-Sayers), I wanted to call attention to some articles that are relevant and have some substance for the times we are living in (see links below).

Astrologers can see what happened and what’s coming because they are looking at natural cycles. You know, the natural cycle of: well, if we cram a lot of people into small spaces and treat them like garbage, viruses will grow and spread. Yeah, that kind of nature. Let the people be free, and when the cage door opens, don’t run back into the cage and claim you have the right to defy nature. And, employers don’t claim you have the right to force your employees because you like to watch the people you feel you own just because you have to part with some of your money in order for them to work for you!

Dec 21st, 2020 is a chance for us to shift, to redefine. Not all of our ideas will land in reality and stand the test of time, but some might.

There is a human design prophecy that states: "in 2027, when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that will start on Dec 21st 2020 enters its gibbous phase (the phase before "enlightenment"), we will stop working together, fertility will drop, and only severely handicapped children will be able to be conceived". This is a sight so frightful that the person who brought the prophecy through did not want to live to see it, and he did not.

Now is the time to see what you value, and see the cost of every decision you make.

When you send your children to be educated by the system, when education isn’t an offering and a choice, when children are sent to school masked and a city goes on lockdown but they continue to keep the schools open because the problem is not there, where is the problem? Are children being forced to live in a way the adults refuse to live after they drop their kids off at school?

The world is changing and has been changing, and we continue to vack-seen-ate to try to defy nature, when nature will always have the final word.

There are laws on earth that are above the judicial system. It’s time to listen, to wake up, to love one another, and try to understand each other, or, as my friend puts it: the monkey will steal the bun that we are all squabbling over!


Take this article for example: Coronavirus – Pandemics related with astrology cycles

I am going to summarize what this author shared, and the astrologer below, here, just to make it easier for you to read it all in one place.

The credit for identifying these patterns goes to them. But thanks to the keen eye of my teacher and co-teacher Stan Dynak, who easily spotted that some things were off, I double checked all of the astrological charts, for the statements that they made, and made corrections where I could, and omissions when their statements simply did not fit what I could see on my end, so that I am providing only accurate astrological information below...

From the article linked above, here are the major aspects for the outer planets, that coincided with major virus outbreaks, in the past several hundred years:

- the Black Death (Great Bubonic Plague or the Great Plague) had a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Aries (the sign of me me me, can’t wait for anyone else!) in 1343.

- The 1st, 3rd, and 6th of the 7 Cholera pandemics, in the past 2 centuries, had a Uranus-Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius (the sign of ideals, travel, and I know better than you!) in 1817, a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Aries (me first!) in 1850-1851 moving into Taurus (the sign of what I value, because this is mine!) in 1852, and a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius (again) opposing a Pluto-Neptune conjunction in Gemini (the sign of surface conversations, and “oh please let me be liked!”) in 1898.

- the Spanish Flu (in 1918) had a Uranus-Neptune opposition in Capricorn (the sign of business and public life) and Cancer (the sign of personal, emotional,  and family needs) in 1912. Sometimes it takes a few years to see the impact of a major conjunction or opposition.

- the Hong Kong Flu had a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (the sign of details, unequal relationships, being of service, nerves, and health) in 1968.

- HIV/AIDS had a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra (the sign of one on one equal and intimate relationships) in 1982.

- Corona/Covid19 had a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (again, the sign of who we are in the business world) in January 2020.

The author above also comments on the connection between Uranus, Pluto and key personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Ascendant, MC, etc) for those involved in microbiology or the creation of vack-seens.

Uranus conjuncts the Sun in my natal chart (co-joined by Mercury; this is how I think and speak). Pluto opposes the moon in my natal chart (from my 6th house of health and the body to my 12th house of wisdom, regrets, and the soul) and conjuncts my north node (who I am trying to become). My moon is also the handle for my bucket chart pattern (the perspective through which I share everything that I can see).

Opposition represents the full moon (enlightenment) stage, where we are finally able to see what it is that we have created. Then we have to figure out what to do with it...

From this I would say: the solution is not a vack-seen, so we can continue to do what we have been doing, and it is not to mask and to lock down. It is to evaluate where are we living against the laws of nature:

- Should we be flying around the world like crazy, polluting it as we go?

- Should we be cramming so many of us into tight spaces?

- Should we take from the animal kingdom, when the earth grows us so many other alternatives to eat?

- Should we test what we want on poorer countries first?

- Or is all of this considerably unkind?

To me, the answer is: for all of us to go home, find our truth, learn to live in alignment with health and nature, to be of service, in a way that respects our limits and the limits of others, and to educate and support our kids in a way that honours their unique differences in needs, skills, and likes.

I know this is not an easy thing to do, so I will let you know how I did it, maybe it will inspire you: several years ago my kids unschooled themselves from the system, and I have learned that weaving in and out of the school system is totally fine and there are many other ways to learn (see Transmuting the school system, to support everyone! and Time to sew the education system back together).

When I was pregnant with my third child, I learned about the importance of supporting your body to detox and regenerate, and the dangers and lack of need for many of the vack-seens that we use way too often on our vack-seen schedule. This book was very helpful in understanding what these illnesses are and how to manage the symptoms if they come: The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

I promoted my chiropractors to the primary care position for my kids (this is the only appointment that I attend regularly for my own self-care - proper alignment is critical!). I see a lot of value in the perspective offered to us by well-trained and keen bodyworkers, aromatherapists, and people who understand the healing properties of food. I also trained in my own modalities: RestoreChi and FindYourTruth (which has a strong basis in Medical Astrology).

During this "time off", it finally occurred to me that I wanted to buy simple clothes that were ethically made, from a local company, with safe organic material (tentree.ca), and I tried going vegan as I did not understand why humans are drinking milk meant for baby cows and smiling about this on the side of dairy trucks. I did cave and add butter, cheese, and fish back into my diet (even though cheese triggers my body to create phlegm), because I found my energy was too low without them. I'm sure better supplementation and more protein alternatives would help, everything is one step at a time, better and better every day, as we are ready, never all at once. I love how the Medical Medium inspires us to fall in love with the fruits and veggies - gifts from the earth again!

I am also growing through all my relationships, trying to find more love and understanding, to become a better person, with more distance from others, and more listening, to discover the gift that they are trying to offer me (even if they do not consciously know it).

There is a good reason why Ayurveda places self-care, grooming, time in nature, and alone as high priorities! I also found out my ayurvedic type - not from a quiz, but from a skilled practitioner!

I have also had to learn to forgive my self when I want to do things for my self, even though there is a part of me that sees my kids may need me or I could be contributing more to help out my family, and to put things in perspective when I am feeling stressed - some times I have to reduce the things on my wish list or to do list, some times the timing is off for what I want to do, or what I think I should do. If spirit feels now is the right time, she/he will open up time for it to get done, I have to trust, that like the sun, tomorrow is another day.

Back to the story, of contributions from real astrologers...

My astrology teacher, and co-teacher, Stan Dynak says "not so fast, while some people believe the corona virus is tied to the Saturn (lockdown, restrictions) and Pluto (on a global level, affecting millions of people) cycle, others believe Neptune is to blame for the spread of viruses, mostly tied to the fact that Neptune is about travel and the spread of things that are unseen to affect the masses (like drugs and rock 'n roll), everyone will share what they see with their own bias"... including me!, "however it is totally possible that Mother Nature is fed up, because we are creating too much of a mess in her garden, maybe we are being limited in order to slow us down, to decide what is really precious in life", or this will be the 6th mass extinction, as predicted by many!

Below are some notes from a presentation by Ray Merriman, who leans towards blaming Neptune for the outbreak of viruses, while I tend to blame humanity, because, if we blame our selves, then we can wake up, and become empowered enough to change!

To this effect, Stan also reminds me that: "a lot of people are afraid of the outer planets, as they are too deep/intense and offer no security, but if we want to live an extraordinary life, then we have to be willing to live beyond Saturn (obedience to authority), see The outer planets of astrology: reality outside the box for more on this.

Even Debra Silverman finds it laughable that the astronomers are so afraid to face "death" that they tried to demote Pluto as a planet, see this amazing podcast for more.

In this podcast, they also speak about the documentary Zeitgeist: the movie. Maybe this is why Dec 21st 2020 is a big deal: the day of the greatest darkness in the year, after which there is a seemingly 3 day pause and then light starts to gain power again!

Here are my interpretations of Ray Merriman's findings, with regards to the links between major viral outbreaks and major Neptune aspects:

- the Great Plague of London with a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn (how we do business) in 1666.

- Smallpox with a Neptune-Saturn square in Aries (me first) and Capricorn (how we do business) moving into Aquarius (the sign of intellect and social networks) in 1873.

- the 5th Cholera pandemic had the last grand conjunction, with Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto all in Taurus (the sign of sensuality, and what we own) in mid 1881.

- First case of the Spanish Flu reported in the USA (on March 11th 1918) with a Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Leo (the sign of attention seeking and showing off).

- Major Bubonic Plague with a Saturn-Neptune square in Cancer (family, roots, basic needs) and Libra (one on one relationships) in 1945.

- Peak of the Polio outbreak with a Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio (sign of going deep, and death), squared by Uranus in Cancer (family, roots, basic needs) in 1952.

- Hong Kong Flu with a Saturn in Aries (me first!) Yod to a Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (health) sextile Neptune in Scorpio (death and depth) on July 13th, 1968.

AIDS with a Neptune-Saturn square in Sagittarius (travel, ideals, and having fun) and Virgo (health) in 1980.

- Corona virus with a Neptune-Venus square in Pisces (things are starting to come apart to prepare for the next cycle) and Sagittarius (our values having a far-reaching impact), with Neptune sextile Saturn in Capricorn (how we do business) on Nov 17th 2019.

With all of the above, what do you see?

Clearly this is not the first time this planetary-viral "call to action" has occurred. And it appears that there are parallels between aspects in the sky and pandemics on the earth, but why do we have pandemics on the earth? What have we been too dense or too egotistical to follow, when it comes to living in alignment with nature?

I don't know any other animal who continues to try to defy nature, and is willing to put themselves at risk, by injecting things into their blood stream, and forcing less fortunate people to do so first.

wake up, sustainable solutions, health, compassion, wellbeing

Even the animals in the Ice Age Movie knew when it was time to migrate!


Even the animals in the Ice Age movie knew to start walking when the weather started to change. They didn't mask up and try to continue to live as is!

Are you ready to wake up and do better? To live in alignment? Because, continuing to run at this wall fast, is not too smart, in my books.

How would you (re-)write our collective future?

One thing I do like about the present corona virus, is the increased awareness of the invisible impact that we have on each other. Time to be more mindful of all the choices we make, and those that are made for us and our kids.