What is your hero's journey?

What is your hero's journey?

Part two in a series of how we can each make a positive contribution in this time...

Cover image borrowed from: https://selfsustain.com/

Part one can be found here: How do we each pull up to the table?

What I find most striking in the image above is the "refusal of the call" and the "refusal of the return".

We are all, to a certain degree, meant to break free of our conditioning, find our calling, and then come back and be willing to offer our gifts to others.

In other images of Joseph Campbell's the Hero's Journey they show the part above as being the "known" and "normal" world, and the part below as being the "unknown", or maybe the 80% of the iceberg that plays a huge role in how we act in life, whether we choose to learn about it, or not.

This ^^ is the benefit to understanding your astrology!

In this second half of our discussion, Stan Dynak touches on our (Kelly, Shveta, and my self's) current transits and progressions, to show how we are each impacted differently (and similarly) in this time, and how we can look to each other as a different aspect of our selves, with something important to offer.

The original intention for these AstroChats was to give a taste of what a person can get from learning astrology, and what it might be like to learn astrology with myself and Stan Dynak: https://www.yourlifeplan.ca/courses-and-workshops

However, I see another important potential for our readers out there, to hire Stan (or both of us) for a private session, to understand how you yourself are uniquely positioned to make a positive difference in these times.

Learning astrology is very healing, because it is about:

- self-acceptance,

- acceptance of others,

- making choices,

- seeing yourself as having a lifetime to master your gifts, or not, and that

- the places where you may struggle are only really a "problem" if they bother you, if they do not bother you, you have the option to embrace the gift that this downfall has to offer, instead.

Look to Alahnnaa and Shveta to put together more on this topic, as mentioned at the end of this video: corporate is all about "trying to get us to acknowledge our gifts and work on our weaknesses", but this just leaves us feeling like we are never going to be good enough, when we already are!

Without further a do, treat your self to a greater understanding of the astrological agents of change: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and how they play out in our charts, and in the sky.

At age 42/43yrs Kelly, Shveta, and I are all facing our Uranus opposition (where some people will turn around and say "ok, I did my part, I worked for a living, now give me back some of my freedom, I've earned it!") and Neptune opening square (where some of us may realize "it is time to wake up!").

The trio of planets in the sky, that are defining our 2020 experience (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) are also hitting upon sensitive points in each of our charts (the moon and the MC), which explains why we are each differently impacted at this time, a different call for the hero's journey?

Stay tuned for another AstroChat, where we will share more on the role Saturn, and how responsibility for one person may be completely different for another, and much more!

As Shveta put it "we all want to know our piece in the puzzle", and sometimes the piece we want to play is not where the winds of fate are asking us to go, to try to fight this will only bring more suffering upon us.

Interestingly, by progression, a couple of years ago, Shveta stepped into the "shoes" Kelly was wearing when she was born, and in a few more years Alahnnaa will step into the "shoes" Shveta wore when she was a child, each with our own unique background experience along for the ride.

We can and we will support one another on this important mission, where we each get to grow and acknowledge our struggles and efforts, and you are welcome to join us, if you wish!

Enjoy our 79min video!