The long term benefits of working with Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina George

The long term benefits of working with Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina George

I wanted to share my direct experience, as well as the long-term effects on my life, of working with Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina George.

At the end of 2017 I found out that Marina George had become a qualified Radical Forgiveness Coach. I was aware of the modality, as I had the book on my shelf, and it was something I recommended to clients who were unable to forgive themselves for circumstances in their lives (such as the sudden death of a loved one).

I was eager to try this service, as I enjoyed reading the book, but I didn't know yet what area of my life required forgiveness (in fact, there were many!).

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Radical Forgiveness book

It was at my friend Alie Amaral's house where I discovered through a mini ThetaHealing session that we could let go of challenging relationships while in a Theta state. If the energy of the person gave us closure or walked away while we were in this state, then the contract was complete, but if the person stayed in front of us, we still had something to learn from the relationship.

Well, my person stayed in front of me, and I knew, this was a great opportunity to apply Radical Forgiveness and see what I was meant to learn from this relationship.

I did about 3 sessions with Marina in order to work through this issue.

Marina held a strong and loving space for me, as she guided me through the worksheets, explained how it all worked, offered guidance when needed, so I could share my truth.

Because I know Marina's Human Design, I know she is naturally built to hold space for others, to take them into her energy field, and guide them, with zero attachment to the outcome, and only the other person's best interest at heart.

Through our sessions it became obvious that there was an entire wing to my business/belief system that was not getting enough attention. This was the impact of the current school system and the belief mainstream society has on how we should mold children.

Within months of our first session, my then 5.5yr old son was traumatized in the public school system, and I had a beautiful opportunity to explore the world of homeschooling and the many local supports for unschoolers!

This gave me a beautiful opportunity to make contacts for myself, my family, and my clients.

The relationship issues with the original person in question simply disappeared!

I now know that she stood there as a reminder of the issues I have, not only with the school system, but with waiting for others to validate the worth of my services and business.

This person did not value my services and represented what I felt was wrong with the mentality of the school system. Once I recognized this, I found my own value and what she thought really, truly did not matter any more.

I am grateful to her for showing me something I needed to see, and for guiding me to a wing of my business that truly needed the opportunity to take flight!

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An important wing to my business was finally given the opportunity to take flight, thanks to the work I did with Radical Forgiveness Coach Marina George!

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I am also, of course, thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with Marina through this issue.

I have since returned to Marina for two other very challenging issues.

One being the abuse I experienced in childhood and how to forgive the abuser. The other was dealing with past life flashbacks that I was having, of a repeating relationship I used to have with someone, whom I was presently working with. It was time to cut ties with this person, in a loving and peaceful (albeit momentarily painful) way, and Marina helped me do this, at my own pace. And I am grateful!

If you have an issue with another person (from your past or present) that is puzzling you or preventing you from moving forward, it is certainly worth exploring.

Marina offers free, no obligation, 20min consultations. Reach out, if you feel called. You will not be disappointed!

Love, Bless, and Strong Light!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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