Introducing Maria Fiordalisi, conscious Aromatherapist

Introducing Maria Fiordalisi, conscious Aromatherapist

I was inspired to write about Maria Fiordalisi because of how conscious she is of the unique needs of the entire family, when providing custom aromatherapy!

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I first "met" Maria because we were doing a Holistic Show together in Oakville. She was very supportive of my business from the start and continued to support me online. Eventually I reached out to her, because I find scent to be a very powerful tool and I was wondering if there might be room for some collaborative work between us, for my family and my clients.

I was pleasantly surprised when the first thing she brought to my attention was the fact that we were about to have another baby, we had 2 kids in the home already, plus my husband, and our dog. So, how we might decide to use aromatherapy solutions would have to be very mindful of everyone's needs and sensitivities.

Given the work that I do, and the fact that my husband has many seasonal allergies, and my kids can be very sensitive, this was music to my ears!

She explained how many people tend to over do it with aromatherapy. Having it going all the time, impacting everyone in the room, house, car, shower etc.

Something I have always been drawn to is to use aromatherapy to support my clients to work through issues like:

- stepping into their power,

- relaxing tension around their heart (which is a natural reaction to a life of trauma), and

- grounding.

I am also very interested in supporting children to work through difficult emotions. This also includes supporting my husband to work through his own life stress.

Maria quickly came up with a solution for my 7yr old son, to support him through his anger, and he loved it. Maria has multiple methods to administer aromatherapy solutions, and, with a few tries, we found a way that worked well for my son, so that he could get the connection he needed with me and the relaxation he could also gain from using an aromatherapy product.

My 4yr old daughter also quite enjoys this solution when she is feeling sad. Maria even created a second product specifically for her, to even more directly address the energy that may be behind sadness.

My daughter's response to this new product was interesting. She said: "It helped a bit, but not all the way". This is actually what we are aiming for. We don't expect children not to have needs or big emotions. We just want to support them as best we can, both with tools like aromatherapy and with loving support, connection, and active problem solving, case by case.

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Family Teamwork!

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I know doTERRA offers similar solutions, but the way I feel it is portrayed by them, is to try to move to a place where children do not have big emotions or where adults can just get over their issues.

As I mentioned, this is NOT the approach that we take, because we always offer these products in tandem with sessions that support our clients to know there is absolutely nothing wrong with them or their kids.

By showing my clients their unique Human Design, Soul Contractemotional patterns, and Gene Keys, they can see their unique self-care needs plain as day, and then we empower them with additional tools to try, like custom aromatherapy, and much more.

Along these lines, Maria provided me with a wonderful massage oil for my belly and back, to support and soothe the normal aches and pains in the late stages of pregnancy. She also gave me a nipple salve to support my body to prepare for the challenge of newborn nursing, and to use as needed once nursing had begun. Most of all, for me, what this offered was an important reminder to engage in self-love and self-care.

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Self-care is so critical, and having support from practitioners like Maria Fiordalisi makes it so easy. Gratitude!

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Similarly, Maria also created a concentrated blend, to be paired with Epsom salt in a bath, for my husband. This blend was very similar to the solution Maria provided for my 7yr old son, because my husband and son have the same Human Design type (prone to frustration and anger). But, because my husband's emotional system is actually even more moody than my son's, he requires alone time to work through his emotions. Whereas my son's emotional make-up requires support from others in order for him to work through it.

Same family, same issue, different needs, different solution. Beautiful!

Maria, of course, does a lot more than just aromatherapy.

She is also a Master in various forms of Reiki and Reflexology, qualified to offer Indian Head and Aromatherapy Massage, as well as Crystal and Black Pearl Therapy.

She seems to focus on stress-reduction in women and supporting them to recover from burnout, but I feel her gifts can truly expand to the entire family!

I love the way she supports her clients when they are in a session with her, and then she also gives them tools and practices to empower them to continue their self-care in their own environment. As you can see from what I have shared above, Maria is conscious to make sure the solutions she provides are able to fit in well with the client's lifestyle, routine, and needs.

Nothing is one size fits all. And this is what makes her solutions so effective, and not just something you buy but never use.

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Maria empowers her clients with energy work, stress-relief, aromatherapy, self-care, relaxation, and much more

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Another critical thing to mention is: because all of her work is custom, Maria can also tailor her aromatherapy solutions to the unique needs of her client. Not just scent preference, or if they are pregnant, a child or an adult, but she also has the know-how to adjust each product to each person's unique health conditions and the medication that they may be taking, and much more. For example, I requested that all products for my children be nut-free, as they do come in contact with kids who have nut allergies when they are at school.

I know, aromatherapy has become very popular and it is something many people feel they can make or recommend on their own. But, lets not forget what a powerful tool it can be and how important it is to work with someone who knows what they are doing and what to look out for.

Scent is powerful!

It can make you feel a whole lot better, or a whole lot worse.

I am so grateful to have met Maria Fiordalisi, because I know I am in good hands when I work with her, and I know my clients are as well!

Check out her new location at 1400 Cornwall Road, Unit #2, Oakville. She's been doing so well with her business that she has already outgrown her current space! She moves in on August 1st 2019. Until then, you can find her at 603 Argus Road, Suite 204, Oakville.

You can also check out her website and her Facebook page.

Maria also teaches many of these modalities and may open a school one day! Yay!

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I love seeing people succeed at offering their gifts to others, don't you?

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Love and Bless, Strong Light!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

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