How do we each pull up to the table?

How do we each pull up to the table?

In this pivotal time, many of us have something unique to contribute, and here is how we can understand what is going on, and where we each uniquely fit...

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As some of you know, Stan Dynak and I are teaching a few series of astrology courses. You can find more information about this here: Courses and Workshops

As I sit in these classes, I learn another layer, which we wanted to share with you today.

In the video below, which was intended to be max 20min, Stan explains what is going on in the sky today, i.e., who is at the table for discussion at the moment.

In our next video, we will go more into: who each of us are, and how we can each uniquely pull up to this table.

Like Heart and Brain, above, we all have different worldviews and we all contribute something important.

These videos intend to give you a sense for what it is like to learn with us, so that you can know who YOU are, and maybe train with us to make the most of who you are and what you have to contribute in this pivotal time.

Here are some highlights from the video:

- there are 3 major planets together in the sky right now (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn)

- When major planets get together, this is the beginning of a new long-term cycle (as opposed to the shorter cycles we see with Mercury, Mars, and Venus, closer to the earth, less time between each of their meetings)

- These planets are getting together in the late degrees of Capricorn

- People who will feel this most will likely have planets in the late degrees of Capricorn, Cancer (opposition), Libra or Aries (squares)

- we have been used to a hierarchical government, with a few people above who govern the grey masses, we are discovering how interconnected (and this should read inter-dependent we have become), where if we run out of a part, we may quickly realize how one company depends on another who depends on another, across multiple countries, to get that part into your home, and all the possible hiccups along the way, when we are shut down from business as usual

- this "pandemic" is not a little blip, it is part of a change that will happen in layers, we won't know the deeper meaning until about 2025; 2020 is about rules and regulations (local and provincial governments imposing social restrictions on movement, and the economic lockdown having a huge impact on many people's lives), 2021 will be more about the financial situation...

- people who are use to living stable predictable lives are in for a HUGE game changer, and this can cause anxiety. Luckily Kelly and I (in the video) are born under the cross of the unexpected in Human Design, but, so is our "friend" Bill Gates...

- In March/June 2020, when Stan and I wrote the six-part series, which starts here: 2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART ONE, Mars was also in Capricorn with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Although Mars has moved on, and most people's attentions are elsewhere, this does not stop the discussion that is currently going on between these 3 major planets!

- Saturn and Jupiter have yet to truly meet. This will happen at the end of Dec 2020, in Aquarius. Moving out of the Earth element and into an Air sign.

- I am grateful to Stan (with his natal sun in another Air sign, Libra) for helping me (offline) understand what this shift truly means, as my Fire and Water dominance could not see it, at first:

- Earth is about physical stuff, Air is about intellectual stuff. Earth is more emotional, and stuck in fear and worries, Air is more open to using the power of mind, to come up with unique solutions to our problems.

- Although, there is a debate as to whether we go with traditional rulership (Saturn) or modern rulership (Uranus) for Aquarius, I find it interesting, that father and son (Saturn and Jupiter) are meeting outside of where Saturn clearly rules (Capricorn), into a territory which may be ruled by their grand/father (Uranus). As someone born with a natal sun in another disputed sign (Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Mars, modern rulership is Pluto), conjunct with Uranus, my thinking is we must earn modern rulership. You cannot be out of the box (Uranus) unless you understand what it means to follow the rules (Saturn), and you cannot access ultimate truth (Pluto) unless you have first made the mistake of fighting the wrong battles (Mars). Only those who have had the proper initiation and have accepted their darkness (and their light) will be able to come up with solutions that we deserve in this time, in my opinion.

- Another point of interest is that, in the same mythology, Uranus feared his children, so he tried to hide them underground or eat them. This resulted in the mother of his children (Gaia, Earth) turning on him, as some believe she is now (with the fires and the veye-rus), until his son Saturn castrated him. But then Saturn too, eventually, became fearful of his children, due to some prophecy. Oh how history repeats itself, until someone is willing to heal the family wounds! I look forward to where this discussion may lead in video 2.

- In the beginning of video 1 (below), Stan speaks to how, on the day of recording, we were in mostly fixed signs with Mercury retrograding. Although he alluded to fixed signs suggesting we may leave the discussion no different than when we came in, and that there may be technical difficulties, I think it is ok to be mostly in fixed signs (my natal sun in Scorpio knows fixed signs allows us to go deep), slow progress is good, and Mercury retrograding is for thinking before we speak, which is also good!

- As mentioned, the sign of Cancer is being hard hit, or rather, we are being asked to take another look at the themes in the sign of cancer (which are about reconnecting with family and our roots, and how we play).

- Yes, adult play often involves making money, but, when the old ways are no longer available, it is time to find a new way. And I have to say: you are not owed an income by anyone, this is one of the many places our education system fails us: if you follow your truth, you will be ok, if you follow what is promised to you, you will discover, no one can promise you anything! If what you provide does not work in this time, it is not needed in this time, no matter how much you disagree with the companies who are doing well right now, their business model works, and if yours does not, it is time to shift. Maybe you are doing something for someone that they should be doing for themselves, it is possible to find a new way to be of service...

- In her intro Shveta mentioned the word "catalyst", Stan found this to be a good word. Although most people are shocked by what happened in 2020, the skies have been preparing us for this for a long time. We need to re-evaluate how we treat the Earth, and find a new way of being responsible and sensible, so that we can leave something behind for our children.

- Stan shared his Sept 6th 2020 Facebook post here, where people can share any positives that they have experienced in this time, and any visions they have of how we can shift towards more supportive ways of doing business, thinking outside of the box, before we overstretch the system, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and I encourage you to go to this post and have your say! I will too, when I can. We don't want to reboot the old economy, we want to take advantage of this time at home to create new potentials that serve, instead of drain, our selves and others (as alluded to above).

- In the video below, Stan gives a bit of an overview to the different colours we see in an astrology chart, and why (a small taste of the thoroughness with which he teaches)

- Stan highlights that the beginning and ending of each cycle is often a bit traumatic; things need to die, in order to be transformed, perhaps re-introduced, because the old ways have outlived their usefulness.

- Stan acknowledged that the governments are stepping up and trying their best, and I agree, to a point. Stan's natal sun is in Libra, he will try to get along, and I am trying to be more open-hearted and kind, and give credit where credit is due, but my natal sun conjunct Uranus and Mercury, and natal North Node conjunct Pluto and Venus, are asking for more intelligence, common sense, honesty, and better values! Especially when it comes to relationships and health (7th and 6th house, where these planets reside in my natal chart, respectively)

- In the video below, Stan also gets into the generational markings of myself, Shveta, and Kelly, all born within 3 months of each other (late Oct 1977, mid Dec 1977, and late Jan 1978).

- When Jupiter and Saturn come together in late 2020, we may be able to socially integrate a new world economy - this is HUGE!

- Stan asked us to pay attention to where our Jupiter and Saturn sit in our natal charts (and you can find your natal astrology chart too, if you use the link at the bottom of my astrology page):

- Alahnnaa has her natal Jupiter in the 3rd house of communication, in Cancer (communicating about the family), and Saturn in the 5th house of play in Leo (showcasing how we can have fun and put kids first).

- Shveta has her natal Jupiter in the 6th house of being of service, health, and unequal relationships, in the sign of Cancer (and I look forward to hearing her share what this may mean for her, in video 2), and Saturn in the 8th house of contracts, life and death, and other people's money, in the sign of Virgo, which is about having good skills, to do things well, and to be of service, maybe with a bit of anxiety along the way.

- Kelly has her natal Jupiter in Gemini in the 10th house (which represents a person's position in society). Not a place that I see Kelly being too comfortable (communicating and hiding, wanting to only show her good side, and maybe thinking it is best to just show none). I would love to hear Stan coach her, on how to step into who she can be in this with more confidence, because she probably does have something of value to share, if she wants to (in video 2)! Her natal Saturn in Leo, in the 12th house, similar to my Saturn in Leo, but when it is in the 12th house, its no longer about fun (5th house), and more about regrets, from seeing one's past mistakes. No wonder Kelly wants to rush through this time more than the rest of us, it may be torturing her more!

- Our close birth dates puts our natal Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune in the same signs, but in different houses: Alahnnaa has these planets in the one-on-one houses (6, 7, and 8), Shveta has these planets in the more public houses (9, 10, and 12), and Kelly has these planets in the more private houses (2, 3, and 4), which we may explore further in video 2.

- In this video, Stan mentioned the difference between a morning Mercury (Kelly) and an evening Mercury (Alahnnaa and Shveta). Morning Mercury being more likely to speak and forget, and the evening Mercury being more likely to sit with what was said and continue to want to speak about it, haha!

- And, based on our natal planet placements, Stan offered these summaries for how we might feel and be positioned to play a role in this time:

- Alahnnaa may be more in the social sphere, stepping up, to affect more people (natal MC in Capricorn),

- Shveta offers a more personal approach, sharing how she feels, concerned about how she comes across in her interactions, through both body language and outer appearance, and

- Kelly is more about playfulness, creativity, and enjoying life right now, good thing she launched the Grounding Sanctuary, and has started teaching Aqualead!

As you will see from this video, Stan is a phenomenal teacher who builds a solid foundation in his students. If watching this video intrigues you to learn more, stay tune for part 2 to be recorded on Nov 8th 2020, which may include some highlights of our current transits and progressions (as well as everything else mentioned above).


Love, Bless, and Strong, Now, and Always!

Show up as your SELF, we need you!

Alahnnaa, Stan, Shveta, and Kelly

ps. In offering feedback for this article Kelly agreed that she is tortured and asked if any of us would like to trade places with her. To this, Stan responded "I'll trade with you, if you trade with me. My life isn't half as bad as what I'm hearing from others, but it is a big challenge for me, sometimes, lol." <- This is EXACTLY how it is for all of us! We are literally all living heaven on earth, it's just that most of us don't know it yet, because we were conditioned in hell, and it is time to let all that conditioning go. A good way to start, is to find out WHO you truly are, and then embrace that, no matter what, because we need YOU! I literally just asked my dad if he truly loves me, because it seems like I am more of a pain in the butt, and his response was "you are a pain in the butt, I have to go nap now", yup, exactly that, keep on trucking! <3