Full access to your sensitivity and learning blocks are critical for navigation

Full access to your sensitivity and learning blocks are critical for navigation

People say "check your sources, don't quote false info". But, in the spiritual world, you need to be able to identify YOUR UNIQUE TRUTH regardless of who speaks

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It is amazing how much spiritual truth is embedded in the hit TV show "Once Upon A Time"! At the same time, you still need to be able to decipher what is true, and what is not!

Likewise, when exposed to spiritual information in a more "obvious" form, you also need to practice discernment. Just because the person speaking seems to believe it, just because it feels true to the person who sent you the information, doesn't make it true for you!

This article is a follow-up to the article I wrote about supporting children who appear to have learning disabilities and sensitivities, here: Learning Disabilities and Sensitivities - Protection or something we should fix?

The reason this is a follow-up is because my own "learning blocks" and "sensitivities", now that I am finally off my medication (for anxiety and depression), are what allow me to identify my unique truth.

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Watching a video somebody sent me...

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I was watching a video the other day that a friend sent me, and it was making me very uncomfortable. At first I questioned "why am I resisting this information?". Like many of us, when we resist something we may be tempted to think the problem lies with ourselves and not with the fit of the information to our own truth.

The reason I was resisting the information is it was telling me to disregard how my body feels. Not only that, it was telling me to push myself beyond the natural limits of my body. And, it was suggesting that we are all the same.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do not think some people are better or more entitled than others, but I do think we all have a unique life path, for each life, that needs to be respected for what it has to offer, instead of us over-riding it with our egos, saying we want what our neighbour has so we are going to compromise our limits and health in order to get it.

I will not share the video, in order to respect those who feel it is true. But, the video spoke about forcing Kundalini Rising to occur, and suggested that this is something we are all supposed to do.

As someone who is literally going through a natural Kundalini Rising, feeling how challenging this process can be, when you don't force it to come at all, and you just allow it to unfold, I really question people suggesting we should all force this to happen for ourselves (in what looks like very uncomfortable ways)...

See: Can we cultivate Kundalini Rising and what to do if things go wrong?

A couple of things that have stood out to me lately are:

- that it is ok to process anger, and

- I don't want anyone to control how I breathe

See "Stop trying to control how I breathe! Its okay to be angry sometimes, Mama!", for more on this.

I noticed that a lot of people are referring me to their services or to people they have seen, because of things I mention online and in the following two articles:

Pregnancy as a spiritual clearing from head to tailbone, and

How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth?

But, what I have realized on at least 3 occasions, is the person they are trying to send me to is not a fit for me. Often it is obvious by looking at their website and/or LinkedIn profile, that they do not specialize in what I am looking to heal, they are not as qualified or educated as I am on the topic, or when I speak to them I see what I hold dear and meaningful, they toss aside as a problem I should have been smart enough to avoid. Then I look at my own website and LinkedIn profile and see how much I have to offer.

Yes, there are modalities beyond my area of expertise, and I outline many of them here: How to overcome the challenging physical symptoms of spiritual growth?

There are also times when I do not have the energy to hold space for myself and it is nice to be held by another. But, I have a lot to offer, and I don't need to run around to everyone, just because someone says I should.

The old me would think:

- I might offend them if I don't take their advice, or

- I might be foolish to think I don't need what they are recommending.

But, the truth is, this is all part of listening to our sensitivity, "learning disabilities", and discernment. If something doesn't resonate with me as the solution I am looking for, then it is simply not what I need, at this time.

Given that I am "spleenic" in my Human Design, my moon sits on my ascendant and I have a lot of planets (lessons to learn) in my 6th house (the house of health) in my natal Astrology, I have a karmic 12-3 in one of my Soul Contracts, and my own personal experience of life; I know that I get very accurate warning signs when something is not going to be good for my health! I can listen and act accordingly, or I can let it continue and suffer illness.

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The importance of self-understanding and self-care

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This is why we need to respect and listen to where our body, mind, and emotions say NO! And stop over-riding this, for whatever reason we may do so.

That is what mainstream schooling does to us, it forces us to conform, instead of doing what is best for ourselves, even if it hurts others or leads to them passing judgement on us.

If this is something you want to explore further, to know your unique strategies for health and success, feel free to reach out for a free, no obligation, 15min consultation, here.

Love and Bless, Strong Light

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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