From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, in the year 2020

From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, in the year 2020

Planetary activity in the heavens, from June to December, 2020, and much much more!

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Lets jump right in!

If things have seemed a bit crazy to you lately, that's because the heavens have seen a lot more activity, especially in the last month. With planets shifting gears and changing their direction (turning retrograde or direct), changing signs, connecting together or forming stress-producing patterns in the skies. All in the space of the 3 to 4 weeks leading up to the summer solstice (Jun 20th, 2020).

We also witnessed a lunar and solar eclipse, while lunar nodes shifted their respective signs, also in the month of June.

All that intense activity still pales in comparison with the huge opening acts of 2020, which saw the endings of the old and the beginnings of the new major planetary cycles (between Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and Pluto) with Jupiter and Saturn cycle getting into its final phase and getting ready for its brand new beginning in December, 2020. Mars also sparked things up a bit when it joined this planetary trio (Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter) in the skies, in the second half of March, 2020.

Remember what happened, worldwide, mid-March, 2020?

Mars, wherever it goes, introduces physical activity and a strong push to get things moving. In extreme cases, throwing Mars into the mix can be like adding fuel to a fire. Mars can bring things to a boiling point, but it can also speed up any process, which has been slowly developing over the previous weeks or months.

While we may need to wait until 2023 to learn the deeper meanings and the real consequences of the sudden development of the 2019/2020 pandemic, with its long-term effects on the world economy and politics, there are some indications that the second half of 2020 may introduce a few new battles around these areas and may force some hidden aspects and issues into the open, revealing to the world what this change is really all about.

From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, in the year 2020

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Season changes in 2019 and in 2020 have been happening with the Moon in the waning (post-full moon) phase, pointing to retrospection and endings instead of brave new beginnings.

We entered the current summer season with the Moon in the last degrees of Gemini, in its Balsamic phase (final phase before the new moon), possibly suggesting that the next 3 months may bring about closures, endings, with old life structures being released and transformed, with most of this happening in the realm of the unseen.

We may be dreaming of and visualizing a better tomorrow, but we will likely need to wait until the fall equinox (on Sep 22nd, 2020) and the first few weeks of the fall season for some real changes and transformations in the realm of the physical world. The Moon will be in Sagittarius on this day, suggesting some renewed optimism and a more positive and upbeat mood for the fall season.

We may be witnessing a few spectacular fireworks along the way, with Mars forming stressful and confrontational aspects with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, who will be getting close together again, in Capricorn, in late September and early October, 2020.

What this means is: the deeper transformational processes, running throughout our social and economic structures, may continue to develop, just beneath the surface, over the entire summer season, with a few quick outbursts of Martian energy (with the aggression available), mostly in August (when Mars begins to close in on the trio of planets, mentioned above, again). This time, firing its shots from its (sometimes overly confident) home location in Aries.

Who's excited, and who's a little bit scared? Can you take this information and turn it into wisdom to guide better action and mindset on your part? Knowing WHO you are, and the role you are meant to play in all of this, really helps!

From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, in the year 2020

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Courage, bravery and pioneering solutions

Issues of individual freedom versus the social system, and personal independence versus the need to conform, may capture our attention.

The all-powerful economic and political systems of the western world are crumbling and transforming, revealing the weaknesses and cracks in their seemingly solid façade and foundation.

It may be up to countless courageous individuals, with their brave spirits and pioneering attitudes, to challenge and change the status quo, to pave the way for some new, badly needed solutions, which may temporarily remove us from the safety nets of the existing social and communal supports.

Mars is usually very quick to act and to drive its message home. But, with its extended stay in the sign of Aries, in the second half of 2020, it may offer us more time, taking a slower but more deliberate approach, applying sustained pressure, in areas which have weakened substantially over the last few years.

This scenario could play out in a number of different ways, on the stage of world politics, and among the economical giants. But, closer to home, in the lives of individual people, we may notice a movement towards freedom, from the constraints of the current system, and a push towards creating new business opportunities, with people choosing to rely a lot less on what society can offer (within its tightly defined boundaries and options), stepping outside the box, onto a path, which leads to more self (or small, trusted, known network) reliance!

From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, in the year 2020

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A shifting paradigm in world economy

A new path to economic development may begin to open up at the tail end of 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn will get together in Aquarius, symbolically ending the current economic phase of growth, which began in 2000.

Collectively, we have been following the path of material and financial growth for well over 200 years, focusing on the Earth’s natural resources and dominating over its animal kingdom.

We have been questioning this direction for some time now, considering alternative solutions, which can help restore the natural balance and prevent us from destroying the Earth altogether.

A shift away from the earth element (of Capricorn), into the airy realm of Aquarius may indicate a shift into the world of knowledge, communication and local communities working a lot closer together.

Powerful knowledge, coupled with human abilities, which help us rationalize, innovate and use our brain powers, to come up with new solutions to old problems, using the power of communities, which can help restore the atmosphere of a small, local tribe of human beings, working together, towards a common goal, of supporting each other, not through the power of national laws and regulations (fear), but through the power of the shared space of a local community (love). Which would you rather?

With all of this dropped on your lap, maybe you do not know what to do, or maybe you know what to do, but you could use some tips on how to best do it, given your unique psychology and the present times. If this is the case, I am here, if you need me!

Astro-Man Stan

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