FACT-CHECKER for Astrology Nay-Sayers

FACT-CHECKER for Astrology Nay-Sayers

Astrology is not an invented pseudoscience, it's an observed science. People who study it seek truth, to accept themselves. The media distorts to disempower.

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A friend sent me a series of articles, to try to help me understand my market, but what I received was the mainstream perception of my market, which I think is absolutely tragic, and further proof that true education in Astrology and support from people who actually care about you, is what is needed more than anything!

Side comment from my co-teacher Stan Dynak (who has been studying astrology for 26+yrs, and is now sharing how he sees things with his students): "A newbie to astrology is always going to find this mainstream stuff, its not really worth paying attention to, but sadly, the way it is written, this ends up being where people's interest in astrology begins and ends, because it is too superficial, doing more damage than good". I'll continue, none the less...

Take this article from the Financial Times: Star power: the strange rebirth of astrology. Here is my response:

- First of all, I love that they are considering youth mental health, and trying to put forth a solution, but, when you read a bit deeper, what they offer is very shallow...

- Youth don’t need an alternative to social media (nor do they need a bot to talk to about their mental health issues), they need unconditional love, support, and guidance from their (cosmic) parents!

- if something is free, then YOU are the product that is being sold. Think about all the people they employ to do the analysis and writing, and the technology they claim to have access too, they are paying for it with something, and it’s not the $2.99 penalty you pay for not signing up your friend in order to look them up. Signing up your friend is worth way more than $2.99 to them! They are very likely mining yours and your friend's data, to build AI models, to sell even more effectively to your insecurities. Venture capitalists don’t invest in do-good stuff, they invest in what they think is going to make them a lot of money, and your personal data is big money!

- astrology was not “invented” and it is not a “pseudoscience”! It’s an observable science, it’s the laws of OUR universe (just one of many!). The sun rises and sets, the cycles come together and separate, the amount of daylight each day grows and is longer or reduces and is shorter. From these patterns you can deduce how natural life unfolds, how a seed grows into a plant, when and how it bears fruit, and then returns to the earth for the next cycle. This is as much science as the development milestones of children, and even more so, because it accounts for individual differences, and the interaction between multiple factors and cycles. Take a look at the documentary "Zeitgeist: The movie". In this movie they explain how astrology is the root of many religions, because of how the sun rises again each day, and moves further and closer over the course of the seasons. Disconnecting you from this truth, allows them to control you...

- Jung and Freud parted ways because Jung absolutely believed in the principles of astrology! Archetypes and the hero's journey do not need to be explained, because they are ingrained in us, as truth. Take a look at the work by Caroline Myss!

- When you take a youth with an addiction to something, and you offer them something else to be addicted to, you are not helping! And when you make money off of this, you are actually taking advantage!

- What people need is love, acceptance, guidance, and education. So they can apply what they learn to everything. They need the keys to life, which are hidden from mainstream, because; if only the people writing the app descriptions have the keys to life, then they are the gods, which makes you the slaves, and that is wrong!

- When you say it gives people the excuse to say “I’m sorry, I'm just a Scorpio” you are trivializing self-acceptance and personal choice!

- Youth do not seek an alternative to social media, they seek truth! Stop lying to them.

In addition to the above, here are a few more articles that suggest people hire according to sun sign, and check in with their employees to see if they believe in mercury retrograde, because if they do they have to understand when their staff is going to have a hard time functioning (like they use to assume about women, when they had their "time of the month"):

What Your Astrology Sign Says About Your Work Style

Astrology Actually Matters in Business--Seriously

They are trying to make you look stupid. They are paralyzing you, and reducing you to a mere 1 in 12. Every astrological aspect has its positives and its negatives, and no one can know if you are living out the positive or negatives of each aspect unless they actually know you, care, and are willing to put your best interest in front of their own, which is rare.

Here is one more article: Why do millennials love astrology, crystals, and psychics? Finding metaphysical order in a chaotic world which I am not sure I was able to read in full.

I watched The Hills too! Where Heidi and Lauren part ways, Heidi gets a lot of plastic surgery, and we see her angry husband Spencer become obsessed about crystals.

Do you know what a crystal is? Its a rock! Its nature. Its a way to get back in touch with truth. Some people will tell you all the special meanings behind all kinds of crystals, and for them, this is true.

Crystals are a reminder of where we come from.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I was so sick and had so many strange symptoms, that I literally wanted to die. Someone told me that my child was special, and she is, and wearing a crystal to remind me of this helped. When I was sick with my third child, wearing a different crystal, also helped me honour her, and I have several crystals to honour who my first born is too.

Playing with crystals, sacred geometry, numerology, and ancient wisdom helps me understand how things might work. They are a path through which truth can speak to me. A way for my subconscious truth (or higher self) to guide me to a better path.

In fact, check out this blog post by one of my teachers, where she shares that crystals are used in computers because they are very effective at sending a consistent message, and this is also why they can be used in healing, because they can remind us of who we are, and how to return to a healthy way of functioning.

When I receive a crystal from someone else, it is often a way for them to tell me: they care about me, usually they are passing on a rose quartz, which means unconditional love (and they often intend this to be "unconditional love for self", which can then expand to others), or something to lessen my fear or to protect my energy (or my kids), because they love me and want me to know that I am loved.

Here is an article I wrote: We need to be more honest with our kids

I had a dream last night: I was trying to figure out how to communicate with someone, and while we were going back and forth, my child jumped into a man-made concrete body of water and sunk to the bottom. I jumped in after, but could not go deep enough to reach her, as she looked up at me, reaching, I knew I had to turn around for more air. And, as I try to make sense of all these garbage publications, to try to show the misled how they are being misguided, I can't keep up! They are running full speed toward a wall, and there is nothing I can do to stop them. Not without putting my family at risk.

So, I invite those who can, to stop and to look around.

If you can see Stan and myself, if you can see what we have to offer, check us out, read what we share, see if you want to learn from us, or if you want us to hold space for you to discover the truth that "there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!".

You have been lied to, and that's ok, because the people who lied to you didn't know any better. It has been generations of lies, that we are working to undo, by finding solid ground and truth.

Rocks, planets, natural cycles, the truth is there, inside of you, in your everyday life. We can show you how to decipher it, from our own solid education and integrity.

According to my Human Design: I lead with logic, so others feel less scared going into the future.

The most common feedback I hear from my clients is: "thank you, you make me feel like I am ok to be me, you give me hope".

Not all of my clients can sustain this way of thinking, and stay on their unique path. The pressure to conform out there is great, the carrots they dangle look good, and it is their life. I think we all know deep down inside that: if you defy your truth, the only thing that waits for you is illness!

One way to support these beliefs (in your self and your worth) to last longer, is to train in a modality. Spending time understanding the roots, the cycles, and then continuing to apply this to your life. Layer after layer after layer of self-acceptance.

One way in which Stan's course differs from other astrologers is: he is not trying to make it easier for you, instead he is giving you the solid foundation, from which you will be able to build your understanding of all concepts in astrology.

You are worth a solid education, as this will open many doors for you, to self-love, and respect of others and where they may struggle.

Big business thinks that if you love your self, they won't be able to control you, and they are right! Wouldn't it be nice to navigate your own life?

See: Can we raise kids without Shame, Guilt, Fear, Pride, and Desire? Can we school kids without grades?

Stan's side comment: Business is jumping on astrology because they want to sell more, with their apps they are serving up cooked fast food, with an attractive packaging, but little nutritional value to sustain, help, or support a person.

Anything that is highly accessible is surface, we need to go deep to get to the root of the science, and then people can be empowered to apply it wherever they see fit. We transform our student's lives by opening their eyes to the truth, we are not lurking around, trying to fit our services to your needs, because this is not a quick fix. We are bringing you back to basics, and it is you who needs to identify us as what you seek, if we are both going to invest the energy to pass on this wisdom.

We have a clear path for level 1 and level 2, and beyond that we will meet your growing needs, as guides to solid information, as you identify your own areas of interest. Our niche are people who want to know the truth and are willing to put the time and effort to uncover and make sense of it. This is not a passive passing on of information, you must engage with it to earn it and make it yours. If this is of interest to you, reach out: alahnnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca

In Stan's words: "a little knowledge can be dangerous, big business using what little they know, to try to make money, using catch phrases, to try to popularize astrology, creates confusion of what astrology is, and how it really works", and my response to this is "sadly, I think that is intentional, just like what they did with the Gregorian calendar, see: Time is art".

Don't be fooled, get your self some real education!

Love Bless and Strong, now and Always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress & Health)

Guide to Conscious Living