Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion

Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion

Not all chiropractors are the same. Do you know the difference? Read on...

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Mental Health Chiropractic Care

The first chiropractor I went to was simply because my husband goes regularly, and I had insurance to cover a few visits, so I thought I would give it a try.

At the time, I didn't really know of anything wrong with me (physically), other than:

- diagnosed with bipolar disorder

- history of major depression, severe anxiety, mania, abuse, and trauma, and

- shoulders that dislocate easily.

The chiropractor felt that with ongoing treatment, I might be able to lift my mental health symptoms and free myself from my psychiatric medication (*see footnote*).

She wasn't the only chiropractor to make this promise (*see footnote*). However, the other chiropractor suggested using Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to attain the same goal. See "Not all Acupuncturists are created equal!", for my thoughts on different types of professionals dabbling in Acupuncture.

Unfortunately, neither could deliver on this level, so I stopped going.

Sports & Injury Chiropractic Care

Then, a few years later, I found that my ribs kept dislocating (or subluxating), pinching nerves that would spread paralyzing pain throughout my back. Much like when you push an activator in a heat pack, and suddenly the whole pack is activated (with pain).

subluxated rib, nerve pain, chiropractic care

Heat pack activation, just like the spread of radiating nerve pain from a sublixated rib

At first I did what most people probably do, I went to my family doctor and she prescribed pain medication. This, of course, wasn't going to fix the problem, but would make it easier to tolerate the pain while my back tried to correct itself. I also tried massage, but that too was not enough to do the trick.

In the end, I found my way back to a chiropractor (Dr Steve Knighton at Nottinghill Family Wellness) and he literally worked miracles for me for years!

With just 1-2 visits, he had my rib back in place and the pain significantly reduced or almost gone. He charges the same for every visit, regardless of if you are there for 30min, 45min, or 5min, even if you have to come back for a second visit in the same day, there is no additional charge. His goal appears to be to just get you fixed and functioning again.

I would call him more of a Sports & Injury Chiropractor.

I recommend him highly.

My husband still sees him regularly.

Osteo-style Chiropractic Care

Dr Jennifer (also at Nottinghill Family Wellness) has a more gentle approach.

Both Dr Steve Knighton and Dr Jennifer have access to machines that essentially send electrical pulses (pins and needles) to relax the area before or after adjustments. Both are also capable of massaging the area a bit before or after adjustments, or pushing on pain points to get them to relax. Both do a great job. But I feel Dr Jennifer leans more towards the human touch and taking her time, whereas Dr Steve leans more towards efficiency "get in there and get it done".

Both work, it depends on what your body wants - get it done, or to be asked for energetic permission first?

Neuroskeletal (whole system) Chiropractic Care

Now that I am pregnant with my third child, and I decided, rather than endure these pregnancy symptoms, I am going to try to get rid of them, I stumbled upon Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic Co. (in Oakville).

The Foundation Chiropractic Co. style is very different from what I was used to at Nottinghill Family Wellness, as it is not just about the movement of bones, getting them back in place, and off the nerves.

Foundation Chiropractic Co. also focuses on how different vertebrae are associated with different organs and function.

See here for more details about their NeuroStructural Correction approach.

This is actually my reason for writing this article.

Even though ALL of the chiropractors that I have seen produce this Thermal Graph:

thermal scan, vertebrae, spiritual map, organs, emotional, psychological, issues

My Thermal Scan

Foundation Chiropractic Co Oakville

...Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic Co. was the first person to show me how this Thermal Scan mapped onto the organs and their functions:

vertebrea, organs, function, nerve function

Thermal Scan mapping to Organs and Functions

This is important for the work I do, with Divine Healing.

Specifically: where your back is out of alignment, provides very exact information for what emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues you need to deal with, and on some level, may be why your back is hurting in the first place.

So, we have come full circle.

Where the earlier chiropractors promised Mental Health Healing through their care, this is not something they could deliver by just working at the physical level.

If you look at this diagram, you will see that you can only heal an issue in a "lower body" by working through a "higher body".

So, Mental Health issues can only be healed (as opposed to masked) by going above it and accessing it from a Spiritual Perspective (the Atomic, Buddhic, and Non-Linear Mind). This is the work that I do at You Have A Life Plan.

mental health, spiritual body, emotional body, mental body, physical body

How healing is facilitated through our various bodies

Even though Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic Co. was able to relieve my night-time heartburn and get baby into the correct head-down position with just one visit (a miracle in itself!) (*see footnote*), the heart-burn symptoms returned in the daytime, because I still needed to deal with the psychological and spiritual issues that were driving this symptom when I was awake. More on this here: Your spine carries another map to your unique psychological and spiritual issues.

Cranial and Spiritual Chiropractic Care

Finally, this brings me to Dr Rachel at Aligned Chiropractic in Burlington.

Dr Rachel also practices standard chiropractic care, including being well versed in the Webster technique, but what she specializes in, above and beyond what most chiropractors do, includes Cranial and Spiritual/Energetic work.

Because she is so specialized in these areas, I do not fully understand all that she does.

I am starting to get my bearings on her Cranial Adjustment Turner Style (CATS) approach, as she has resolved two major issues for my almost 4yr old daughter, see:

Teeth correction without braces!

Eye correction w/out painful drops, scary machines, patches, glasses, or surgery

She has also done some work on my head, to relieve pressure, due to spiritual growth, which was causing headaches.

And, I know her other spiritual work is called Bio-Geometric Integration, by Sue Brown.

I share all of the above so that you, the reader, know you have choices!

I am most interested in the Thermal Graph, which you can get from anyone above. You can usually get this Thermal Graph through an initial assessment with any of these chiropractors, or, in some cases, you can ask for one to be done in another regular scheduled appointment.

The cost for an initial session is about $95-150, and the cost for a regular appointment is about $39-50. In order to soften the impact of the initial fee, if you mention that you heard about them in this article, Foundation Chiropractic Co. will reduce their initial session cost from $150 to $100. *Prices are subject to change, at each service provider's discretion.

What I would recommend is that you go to the chiropractor who is going to meet your needs best, in order to obtain this Thermal Graph:

- if you are having a physical pain with your bones, I would go see Dr Steve at Nottinghill Family Wellness. He is the ONLY chiropractor that I have seen where I walk out feeling fully aligned and in good health.

- if you want something a bit more gentle, but still focused on the physical bones, I would go see Dr Jennifer at Nottinghill Family Wellness.

- if you are having more bodily problems, like acid reflux or organ issues (especially in pregnancy), I would go see Dr Jennifer at Foundation Chiropractic Co.

- if some of your issues are related to the head (eyes, mouth, headache, brain function) or spirituality, I would go see Dr Rachel at Aligned Chiropractic (Burlington). Dr Rachel was able to tune into my unborn baby to see what she needed from me, and what she wished for me to clear energetically, for my own well-being. She was also able to physically/energetically relieve some of the pain, spasms, and weakness that I was experiencing in my lower arms, wrists, and hands, which other practitioners had chalked up to early arthritis, and she did some energetic work on my heart and to relieve pressure from under my sternum.

FYI - The reason instant relief is often not possible with spiritual care, is, as we grow spiritually, we drop baggage and toxins, which doesn't feel very good initially, but is often a good sign of progress and release - which means you will eventually feel a lot better.

So, there it is! Hopefully now you have more complete knowledge on your options, so that you can get the care you seek.

If you want to move forward to clear the psychological, mental, and emotional components (stored in your back), reach out to me for a free 15min consultation, here.

I did eventually cure all of my Mental Health issues, and dropped all my psychiatric medication, but not through chiropractic care. The only way I know to do this is through the work I do at You Have A Life Plan.

Chiropractors serve different layers of the onion

Love and Bless, Strong Light,

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience (Stress and Health)

You Have A Life Plan

*Footnote* -

Although it may sound like many chiropractors “promise” certain results, that they believe are tied to the spine and nervous system, promising to free someone from their medication is outside the scope of anyone's practice (not just chiropractors, myself included). The goal of a chiropractor is: to realign the spine, remove interference to the nervous system, and have the client's body function the way that it was designed to.

Secondly, the Webster Technique, which is likely what contributed to my unborn child moving into the “correct head-down position" is also not a promised outcome, in fact, even my baby moved out of this position within 24hrs, but I am also less than 28 weeks pregnant at this time, so this moving in and out of proper position is common. The goal of the Webster Technique is: to realign the client's spine and hips, giving baby more room to move, grow, and do what it needs to do, which, in many (but not all) cases, means move into the correct head-down position. If the baby does not turn using the Webster Technique, this may be due to the cord position (too high) or a short cord, and chiropractors are instructed to trust nature when this occurs.