Can coffee products be spiritual?

Can coffee products be spiritual?

When it comes to MLM products, there are two things to consider - 1) the product, and 2) the distributor. With Vinita Shah of Organo, we have a win win!

You may wonder, why are we talking about coffee in a spiritual magazine?

A few years ago, I was at a local Community Sampling Event for Spiritual Services and I came across a coffee that was balanced for ph/alkaline, making it healthier to drink than regular coffee. Then about a year ago, one of my spiritual teachers mentioned that they too drank a coffee that is actually healthy for you! So, again, I was intrigued to find out more.

Then, at another spiritual event, I was the winner of a wonderful basket of Organo Coffee and products.

organo, vinita shah

Contents of the generous Organo prize pack, from Vinita Shah

My favorite products were:

- the King Coffee (as it is less bitter with less after taste, for me, than the Black)

- The Supreme Latte (again, because, to me, it tasted a bit better than their regular Latte)

- The Chocolate Protein Powder (because, to me, it tasted better than their Vanilla, and I am recovering from Adrenal Fatigue, so I am always looking for protein options to have for breakfast), and

- Their Pink Lemonade Detox (because, really, at times, we all need a little detox for comfort and self-care)

But, like I said, with MLMs, its not just the product that is important, but the distributor as well.

And this is where I have been VERY pleased with Vinita Shah.

1) She provided this amazing gift basket, with two of each product, so my husband and I could try everything and make a very informed decision on what to order.

2) Any question I had, Vinita had a detailed, researched response to provide. She added me to a closed Organo Customer Facebook group, which allowed her to easily tag me in any post that would answer my question.

3) She offered to speak with me to answer any of my questions. But as a mom with two young kids, I have trouble getting time to "talk", so instead she sent me my options via email with links that made it so simple.

4) She had no attachment to the decision I made: buy the product as a customer, sign up to be a preferred customer and commit to at least 2 months of orders and get a decent discount, or pay a fee to be a distributor (even if I am just buying for myself) to get the biggest discount.

5) After my 2 month commitment was complete, I reached out to see if I could put my account on hold and there was no pressure put on me by Vinita to stay on as a customer, she simply provided me with the number to call and cancel.

I truly value this style of business! Vinita knows she has a solid product and she knows that customers will buy when they are in need.

The best way to keep a happy customer is with no pressure.

Not only that, but Vinita has become a Facebook friend and has taken the time to read about my business and to support, like, and comment on some of my posts. To me, this is above and beyond, and why I recommend buying from Vinita, or at least inquiring, if you are thinking of trying a "healthy" coffee alternative.

And, as far as being spiritual, just ask Vinita, she can answer any question you may have. But, I do know...

organo, vinita shah

Organo is a favorite beverage of many Hay House authors

Here are some more of the health benefits of Organo products:

Can coffee products be spiritual? Can coffee products be spiritual? Can coffee products be spiritual?

Here is some additional information about these products, from Vinita Shah:

"All our beverages (not only coffee/tea) are infused with a super food called Ganoderma lucidum, commonly known as Lingzhi or Reshii. When you drink them out of habit, you add a lot of health and wellness to your body. There is something for everyone.

The mission of the company is: to support health and wellness to all those who want to give up the guilt of enjoying coffee/tea and in the process raise consciousness.

Our specialty is: launching various natural minded health practitioners globally who are all having great responses from their clients, as the coffee is delicious, with proven health benefits and studies.

Raising consciousness and awareness on better choices is the mission.

The company is based out of Vancouver BC, with over 30 countries currently distributing worldwide.

We mainly work with natural practitioners of all kinds: chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, nutritionist, naturopaths, fitness studios, yoga centres, spiritual centres, etc."

Do reach out to Vinita Shah with any questions you may have, you will not be disappointed!

Love, Bless, and Strong, Light!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

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