Breathwork – The Most Powerful Healing Modality in The World

Breathwork – The Most Powerful Healing Modality in The World

Do you know how healing Breathwork can be? Here is a great introduction...

I am somebody who has tried almost everything to feel better. For 30 plus years, I experimented with various modalities of healing. From a young age, I had a passion to get well, and this motivated me to keep searching until I did.

Like most people, I had my struggles. I dealt with bullying, depression, chronic illness, and allergies from as far back as I can remember and the theme that would best describe most of my life, was “partially numb.” I almost felt joy, passion, and excitement, but I honestly didn’t know how to access it fully due to negative programming and limiting, habitual ways of thinking.

When we get hurt over and over again, and we put up enough walls, most of us disconnect or check out because it’s all we know. Somehow, the pain or numbness becomes the norm and in some odd way, it’s easier to stay stuck than putting energy into breaking through.

Perhaps you’ve also had some challenging times, trauma, or deep pain that has run the show in your life, or maybe you’re just tired and lacking clarity about the next steps. It’s possible you’ve tried and tried only to return to the same old patterns yourself. Whatever your situation, I believe, Breathwork IS the answer to get you back on track, while permanently re-programming your brain.

Breathwork – The Most Powerful Healing Modality in The World

I was introduced to Breathwork 3 years ago by a friend and from the very first session, I was literally blown away by the powerful shift that I felt within. Never had I released so much stored up heaviness in such a short period of time! I was hooked. I went on to practice daily for months and then studied with some of the top teachers in Los Angeles to further my knowledge. I can honestly say that I feel transformed. All of those uplifting feelings that I had been searching for, for years, are now a part of my daily life. There is no going back to my old way of being.

Breathwork is a general term used to describe an emotional and spiritual practice that involves deep, extended breathing. It has become more and more popular recently because of the added pressures in our lives and the fact that many people are in need of major healing!

Breathwork has numerous physical benefits including detoxing the body and offsetting acidity, aiding in digestion and improved brain function, relieving chronic pain, boosting immunity, and increasing vitality. Emotionally, this practice brings a keen awareness to all of the areas where we store trauma, anger, sadness, grief, fear, and other heavy emotions. During a typical session, we are able to feel these emotions energetically so that we can heal it once and for all. Spiritually, Breathwork also opens and aligns the 7 main energy points within the body knowns as Chakras. Breathwork truly is a full Body, Mind, and Spiritual experience.

A typical session lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes followed by a gentle meditation. I love Ho’Oponopono which is a Hawaiian forgiveness practice that uses the words “I Love You. I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.” Combining Breathwork with Ho’Oponopono is a magical combination that allows for a powerful transformation that will change you forever!

Jay Bradley is a Breathwork Healer & Teacher originally from Thunder Bay Ontario, now living in Los Angeles. He is the Author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better!

Breathwork – The Most Powerful Healing Modality in The World

Jay is offering his Introduction to Breathwork Healer Certification Training in Toronto on Saturday October 5, 2019.

- Learn various styles of Breathing why this 3-part Breath is the most powerful and unique

- Find out about insurance, contraindications, legalities, and waivers

- Educate yourself on possible side effects and how to deal with them

- Learn the basics of both a private and group session

- Discover the importance of “making it your own” and using your unique gifts

- What is Ho’Oponopono and how may it tie in to BreathWork?

- Gain knowledge about the Chakras and how BreathWork can align them

- Thorough practice in partnered exercises to gain confidence

- Find out what other tools will make your sessions more powerful

- Learn the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of BreathWork

- Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions

- And so much more!

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