Astrology To Feed Our Soul's Growth

Astrology To Feed Our Soul's Growth

Are you interested in how understanding your Astrology can feed your soul's growth? If so, read on...

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Astrology has been with us since ancient times. It is the symbolic language of the stars, and a spiritual dialogue between the heavens above and mankind below. Yet, very few of us know much more about it beyond its existence. And many are unsure exactly where to place it or what to do with it.

While a lot of people are familiar with basic astrology ideas, which include signs and planets, many of us have experienced astrology at some point in our lives, mainly as a fortune-telling technique, that we can easily access online or in magazine publications. i.e., Look up your birth sign, and you can instantly read or view your weekly, monthly or yearly horoscope, which may hold a promise of a better tomorrow or warn you of some dangerous times down the road.

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Daily Horoscopes

Our horoscope can be amusing, exciting, promising, captivating, filled with hope and optimism, or warning signs, advising us to tread lightly into the future. We smile or laugh, get excited, curious or worried, maybe believe some of it, but seldom do we put our full trust into what we’ve just read or heard.

Still, we come back later for more.

Why do we do that? What makes us so curious about our future?

Why would we venture into something like astrology, if we are not sure we can fully trust the information it has to offer?

Astrology To Feed Our Soul's Growth

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Did you know that if you were to consult with a professional astrologer, such as myself, the information you receive from your astrology reading would be a much better fit for your experience and would be a lot easier to trust and work with? Not to mention, that a reading from the astrologer is also more like a counseling session, where there is back and forth exchange, and you can get further clarification, as needed.

Are you curious what brings most people to seek advice from an astrologer?

It is times of sadness, disappointment, heartbreaks, challenges, fear, uncertainty, lack, or confusion about their life direction that usually brings people to seek support from an astrologer.

While we’re usually pretty good at enjoying the “good times”; filled with fun, enjoyment, pleasure and delight, we tend to struggle when we run into the stumbling blocks, challenges, delays, obstacles, difficult people, and demanding circumstances.

Feeling unhappy, frustrated or disappointed we may check out a few astrology websites looking for our sign’s horoscope, or search YouTube videos for similar information and advice. While we may recognize, and even resonate with, the Zodiac sign that we were born under, it can be hard to translate what we read online to what it really means for us, and how we can use this knowledge to guide us through our life.

Astrology To Feed Our Soul's Growth

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With the proper guidance from a trained astrologer, we can gain:

- a stronger awareness of our life potential,

- what we are made of,

- how we define happiness,

- what we need to feel better about ourselves, and

- how we can get along with everyone else around us.

Understanding astrology, and using it in our daily activities, is like discovering the right recipe for our life.

It can teach us about the special and unique ingredients to boost our confidence, to feel worthy and important, to create a supporting lifestyle, to define our sense of safety and security, to find joy, love and fulfilment in who we are and what we do.

Discovering and owning these special gifts and abilities can help us face our lives with renewed confidence and optimism. We can stop viewing our lives as a series of unrelated and coincidental events, that seem to happen to us for no good reason, and start to experience our lives as a learning process with our active participation.

We can gain a clearer view of where we are on our life path, where we are heading, and what we are ultimately trying to achieve. We can make better choices that will strengthen our sense of self-worth, and align with people who will support us and collaborate with us on our life journey.

Astrology To Feed Our Soul's Growth

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Our learning process doesn’t actually stop when we graduate and end our formal education. It continues for our lifetime; we continue to learn, to explore, to try, and to choose, based on our wisdom and our life experience. Knowing our life potential, based on our astrology chart, can guide us during times of big decisions related to work, career, home, family, love, and money.

A lot of us struggle with choosing the right education or career path, finding love and happiness, our place in society, and our sense of fulfillment. We go back and forth, consider different options, often afraid of trying something new. We wonder if we should follow our own agenda and listen to our inner guidance, regardless of what everyone else around us thinks and feels, or if we should consult and check with our family and friends to make sure they will be happy with our choices.

If you are ready to find out how you can apply astrology to your daily life, and really take advantage of all of the benefits listed above, reach out to me via email and we can get started.

Live with Purpose.

Stan Dynak

Consulting Astrologer