Angela Borgeest, so much more than a Spiritual Networker and Arbonne Rep

Angela Borgeest, so much more than a Spiritual Networker and Arbonne Rep

I want to introduce you to Angela Borgeest, not only because she is one of the most supportive network leaders you will find, but because she is so much more...

I first met Angela Borgeest at one of her bi-annual Community Sampling Events (such as the one happening THIS Saturday, March 9th 2019, 1230-4pm, at St Jude's Anglican Church in Oakville, see image below).

Fellow Practical Spiritual Services co-founder Alie Amaral will also be at this Community Sampling Event, offering demos of her HeartCentered Coaching services, through her business HeartQuest.

As will Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, and fellow magazine co-founder, Marina George, to hand out paper copies of our introductory article, with contact information and a sign up sheet, for those who may be interested in checking out our magazine and potentially signing up as a reader or contributor. Yay TEAM!

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Community Sampling Event - Hosted by Angela Borgeest

When I attended my first Community Sampling Event, Angela was very warm and welcoming to all guests and took an immediate interest in the services I offer, as she knew the power of Human Design from a previous network member.

I was so impressed with the energy of this Community Sampling, that I decided to enter as a vendor/practitioner in the next event that she offered.

I also attended her Health and Lifestyle Networking group. Here is a sample outline:

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Health and Lifestyle Networking - sample outline

I found her networking group to be very welcoming because, unlike other groups, people actually listen to what each other has to offer, and we each get to ask for a request from the group and if no one in the group can fulfill it (rare), Angela almost always volunteers to support you.

She often goes above and beyond to set up valuable connections for you. Even if she stands little or nothing to gain, other than getting to know you and your services/products a little better!

As the title alludes, Angela is also an Arbonne Rep. I was drawn to buy from her because she offered a really simple and enjoyable educational pampering, where she educated me on some of the products (both face and food) and then she followed up with other inquiries I had - such as sunscreen, body cream, and scar reduction cream for my kids, and stretch mark reduction cream for myself during pregnancy!

Angela is a wealth of knowledge and care. Not because she knows everything all the time, but because she is willing to put in the time to find out. She may even deliver the product to your door, if circumstances require.

She really does go above and beyond to get you the best deal, because she cares!

On top of all of this, because of the work I do, and because of our friendship, I truly know how special Angela is because I have looked at her Soul Contract and Human Design. Because of the way she is designed, being around her can literally change the trajectory of your life! And it shows in the way she interacts with her group members.

Here is an example: One day, the Apprentice for the Master who created RestoreChi came to her networking group. Not only did she welcome him with open arms, she also developed an opportunity for the Master to come in from China to trained quite a good portion of her network in this unique modality. She has also hired the Master, not only for herself and her husband, but for her extended family, back in China, And all have experienced amazing results, at a very reasonable cost. They are friends and have community dinners together, where Angela feels honored to be able to see and share some amazing things that she never thought possible in life.

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But, that is not the surprising part, for me.

What I found so heart-warming is: she was telling me how fortunate she felt to have so many amazing spiritual practitioners around her to learn from. And I responded, as a friend: "Well, don't forget, you offer them something as well. Just look at RestoreChi, you pretty much handed them a client-base of practitioners from your network!", and her response was: "Oh, that is not me, the network is there to be used!"

Such a beautiful soul!

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Angela Borgeest - Did I mention she is also a dancer, nutritionist, meditation facilitator, and gives amazing ear and foot massages as a thank you gift to her clients?

And, on the topic of Arbonne, I, of course, looked up its Soul Contract properties as well. The name of a product or business can tell you a lot about what you will get from working with them (or using their product). Looking at the Soul Contract energies behind Arbonne, I can see why it is so popular!

The Soul Contract energies of Arbonne include:

1) Attracting a lot of people

2) Supporting them to love and accept themselves

3) Creating heaven on earth

4) Grounding and focusing their creativity, and

5) Supporting them to go with the flow of spirit and heal.

Not bad Arbonne, not bad!

So, whether you are looking for a network group, a spiritual modality, some Arbonne products, or a friend, I highly recommend you get in touch with Angela Borgeest, you will not be disappointed!