2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective SIDESTEP

2020 and beyond - a western astrology perspective SIDESTEP

After writing Part 4 for this series, we realized there were a few holes in our story. So, before releasing Parts 3 onward, we have created this SIDESTEP...

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Integrity is important to both of us (Stan Dynak of AstroInsights.ca and Alahnnaa Campbell of You Have A Life Plan), so, we will not hide our mistakes. That said, we don't want to confuse you either, so, we have created this SIDESTEP to fill in the blanks that we may have missed.

In Part ONE of this series we spoke about how the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) do a similar dance with each other, as the Sun and the Moon, creating aspects like the New Moon (conjunction), 1st and Last Quarter Moon (opening and closing square), and the Full Moon (opposition).

In Part TWO of this series we offered some examples of the impact of key moments in this dance between the outer planets. Specifically, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the mid 1960s, the Neptune-Uranus conjunction in the late 1980s to the mid 90s, the Saturn-Uranus opening square in the late 90s and early 2000s, the Saturn-Uranus opposition in the late 2000s, and the Uranus-Pluto opening square in the early/mid 2010s.

You can see these items (and more) in the table below (including the onset of the Corona Virus and the Stay at Home recommendations):

Duration Conjunction (New Moon) Opening Square (1st Quarter) Opposition (Full Moon) Closing Square (Last Quarter) Conjunction (New Moon)
Sun-Moon 28 days Mar 24th, 2020 Apr 1st, 2020 Apr 7th, 2020 Apr 14th, 2020 Apr 22nd, 2020
Neptune-Uranus 140-170 yrs 1989-1996 2036...
Sign(s) Capricorn
Event(s) Tech Boom
Saturn-Uranus 45 yrs 1987-1989 1999-2000 2008-2009 2020-... 2032...
Sign(s) Sagittarius Taurus/ Aquarius Virgo/ Pisces Capricorn/ Taurus
Event(s) Berlin Wall, Freedom for Eastern Block, US the only political power, early PC Tech availability Second stage of New Tech, Miniaturization, Early Cell Phones, Internet at home Laptops, Smartphones, Facebook, Skype, Early Signs of Financial Crisis Corona Virus
Saturn-Pluto 33-38 yrs 1981-1983 1992-1993 2001-2003 2009-2010 2020-...
Sign(s) Libra Aquarius/ Scorpio Gemini/ Saggitarius Libra/ Capricorn Capricorn
Event(s) AIDS, beginning of the Eastern Block collapse War in Yugoslavia, WTC bombing 9-11 Twin Towers Global Financial Crisis Corona Virus
Uranus-Pluto 113-141 yrs 1962-1968 2010-2016 2043...
Sign(s) Virgo Aries/ Capricorn
Event(s) War, Peace, Love, Drugs, RocknRoll Live to Work

Our intention for sharing this information with you, in Part TWO, was to show you that: when these outer planets make special geometries/angles to one another in the sky, relative to the earth (i.e., conjunction = same place in the sky, square = 90 degrees to each other, and opposition = 180 degrees to each other) BIG things tend to happen on a global front.

Geometries that involve Saturn tend to affect our social structure and economics (mostly due to Saturn's desire to follow and make the rules).

Geometries that involve Saturn and Uranus (what we have going on now) tend to revolutionize our physical reality. Uranus basically disrupts the solid structure that Saturn helped build. Uranus is also supportive in creating new inventions, which make it easier for us to connect, work, and travel, while at the same time making some of the old technologies (and systems) obsolete.

Then, if you throw Pluto into the mix, you get something like "individuals fighting against mass control". Like Luke Skywalker, Ray, or the rebels fighting against the Empire, and its system of power and dominance.

We would have expected to see something bigger happen in 2010-2016 (the last significant Uranus-Pluto geometry), but we only saw minimal impacts, like localized protests (the truck drivers in Europe protesting against rising gas prices, the Arab spring, the Wall Street Occupy movement, and the Yellow Vest movement, etc).

Maybe the absence of activity in 2010-2016 was because we were all too focused on ourselves (Living to Work).

In the prior significant Uranus-Pluto geometry, the mid 1960s, we saw the expected uproar, with people willing to F the system, because they valued personal freedom more than their money and jobs, at that time.

This type of attitude, or uprising, may not have felt so possible for us in the 2010s, because, at that time, we may have been unwilling to speak up for our rights, at the possible risk of losing our high paying jobs, mortgaged houses, vacations, 3-4 cars per household, private schools, etc.

As you can see, in the table above, the Tech Boom was evident across many geometries, starting in the late 1980s and stretching into the late 2000s.

Now we have some major geometries all happening at the same time, bringing with them the gift of the Corona Virus and the Stay At Home recommendations.

Part THREE and Part FOUR of this series, will discuss the implications of the Saturn-Uranus closing square, and Part FOUR onward, will go more into the implications of Pluto, including, but not limited to, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, mentioned above.

Something that may be of interest to some, would be to visit Alahnnaa's blog post "We are ALL shadow boxing right now, and that’s not a bad thing!" for her take on Mars, and our mix up with this article series.

And, to add to her blog, let me say:

Venus tends to be more about our choices and preferences.

Does Mars go to war because of the wavering choices and preferences of Venus, maybe?

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Does Mars go to war because of Venus' wavering preferences?

Photo by Henry Hustava on Unsplash

Being so closely tied to the Sun (like Mercury), it is hard to see a big impact from Venus. Venus' trip around the astrological chart is only about 1 year in duration (similar to the Sun and Mercury). While Mars tends to linger a little longer in each sign, taking 2 years (instead of 1) to travel the astrological chart.

The slower a planet moves around the chart, the greater its impact on society and the world.

Mars, being the little sh*t disturber that it is, will often tell you where the action is. Spending roughly 6 weeks in each sign, it tends to play the role of instigator, or catalyst, starting fires and then moving on. Round and round we go.

And, for a sense of completion, Neptune tends to be quite dreamy (making things a little hazy) when it appears in a significant geometry, while Jupiter tends to blow the good and the bad a bit out of proportion, as Alahnnaa alluded to in her blog post, above.

Ok, that should get us back on the level, so we can get into Parts THREE and FOUR, and out of this series alive.

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Thank you for your patience. We are all a work in progress. Never forget that!

Alahnnaa & Stan