2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART THREE

2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART THREE

This is part 3 to a series of how "what is happening today" can be seen through the lens of western astrology, and the placements of the planets in our sky...

Here are the links to Part One and Part Two.

The cover photo shows the placement of the planets, in relation to each other, on March 19th 2020, at 11:49pm, the Spring Equinox.

Worth noting in this image:

  • the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter (side by side, at 22 degrees of Capricorn, circled in yellow). Go to the SIDESTEP article, to learn more about what the presence of Mars and Jupiter do in a western astrology chart.
  • the Saturn-Uranus square (at 29 degrees Capricorn and 4 degrees Taurus, respectively, each marked with a red square, in the image above), and
  • Pluto sitting at 24 degrees Capricorn, close to all the action. Go to the SIDESTEP article for an explanation of what tends to happen when multiple outer/heavy-hitter planets are involved in important geometries, at the same time.

Part THREE and FOUR, of this multi-part series, will focus on the Saturn-Uranus relationship. Specifically: how the tug of war between Saturn (the old way of doing things) and Uranus (the unconventional, out of the box, way of doing things) has us retreating to the needs of our natal Moon, instead of focusing on the pursuits of our natal Sun. And, how we always have the choice, in times like these, to live in fear, or to realize that we can still thrive.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction (which happened in mid January) will be discussed in Part FOUR and onward.

Here we go...

Times of great shifts (in the world economy or other social systems) have always been marked by dramatic increases in collective fears, with plenty of doom-and-gloom scenarios, and a lot of people believing that "the end is coming".

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We often assume, in times like these, the world is over


We can choose to let our spirits sink low, to succumb to collective fears and grave concerns, over our possible (or real) job losses, our loss of income, a decline in our lifestyle, or feeling sad about what we may be missing out on.

Or, we can shift our focus to appreciating our ability to temporarily (or maybe more permanently) shift back to the times when we spent our evenings and weekends in small family circles, playing together, talking, and sharing the events of the day.

Family links, closeness, attending to our basic needs and habits, caring for our loved ones, and reconnecting wiht our natural rhythms, is what may be in store for us, for the next little while.

Back to the times, before we became so busy, running our lives on auto-pilot. Rediscovering and recognizing what and who are most important to us in our lives.

Now that we are temporarily denied our usual social activities, we get to re-immerse ourselves back into our long-forgotten hobbies and activities, which we may have abandoned long ago.

That is if we can unhook from this game of survival, and allow ourselves to just be, trusting that we will be ok, even if we don't make that next bill payment. As long as we are together, in good health, and alive, with food on our table and the comforts we need for health.

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Finally, we have time to immerse in our own hobbies again!

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Astrology links activities like this to our natal Moon.

The needs of our natal Moon are like our need for air, we forget about this when we put too much emphasis on the goals of our natal Sun. We truly only need to work at our natal Sun once per week, but, we need to tend to the needs of our Moon every day, if we want to secure our health.

Isn't it interesting, that the Corona Virus impacts our ability to breathe, and yet it is returning us home, to focus on the tasks that are as important to us as air itself?

So, in this time of great fear (of a world pandemic and the continuous spread of the covid-19 virus), it is our great opportunity to return to the comforts of our home and to reconnect with our lunar needs and emotions.

Caring, nurturing, and protecting, are the essential ingredients missing, for the most part, from the extremely strict and harsh business worlds, where profits and the bottom line, seem to dictate how we work, and how we interact with our co-workers and clients, on a daily basis.

On the other hand, social responsibility, which we all share, with the current extreme restrictions (on travel and self-isolation), are well-known rules and guidelines of Saturn, the planet of social structures and social authority, usually represented by the government and its offices and institutions.

Our governments, on provincial and national levels, are responding to this need, and are working to offer financial assistance (to businesses and individuals), while also trying to contain the spread of the virus. But, some of us are waking up to the idea that this may not be enough. It may take an unprecedented level of collaboration, help, and assistance (which we can offer each other), to make sure we all make it through this time safely, with a minimal amount of damage.

We can help each other by:

- sharing some of our living supplies,

- offering to do some grocery shopping for those who are unable,

- while remembering to stay safe and protected during our brief contact with others.

Some of us are quickly discovering that social media or Skype/Zoom-like applications can be used effectively for: keeping us together, learning, offering words of comfort and support, and spreading the word.

We can reclaim some of the social power that we have given away to ‘the state’ and its institutions, proving that we can function effectively, and support each other, in small social circles, based on our living location, and also in much bigger circles, where the Internet knows no boundaries!

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We can support one another!

Photo by Sarah Ardin on Unsplash

Could this possibly mark the beginning of a new era, where the government will be forced to shift its priorities, in order to ensure its own survival, by investing in the lives and health of its taxpayers?

Financial aid may be needed for many, and absolutely essential for thousands, who will be (or already are) unemployed.

But, will a return to ‘the norm’ be possible, in a few months, when today’s restrictions begin to lift?

There is a battle going on right now, for power and dominance.

Our economic and political realities are shifting, creating new circumstances, where everyone finds themselves in uncharted territories, unsure of what to do and how to act and, more importantly, unsure of when this current situation will be over, and if the current tough measures will bring the desired results.

There is a great opportunity for all of us, right now, to help swing the balance of power our way, and to remain connected and supportive of each other, in the face of this ‘perfect storm’.

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Do you know how to navigate a Perfect Storm?


Giving into fear, and spending most of our time looking after our own interests, with little concern for others, may lead to longer and tougher restrictions being placed, which may take even more time to be lifted.

I am sure the world governments will be looking for new ways, not only to control our lives, but also to recover some of the massive expenditures, which will be necessary for the time being, to try to keep the economy afloat, and to ensure the vast amounts of unemployed workers, will have something to fall back on, for the upcoming weeks.

The outer planets, involved in this present ‘war of the sky gods’ will finally move on. They are never really all that concerned with what goes on here, on the face of the Earth, as their primary function is to maintain balance in our solar system. The energies of their interactions become reflected here on Earth, which in turn become manifested in our events and activities, depending on the level of our response, and our understanding of what is taking place in our lives.

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If you find the above a bit depressing, never fear, check out Part FOUR, see if Alahnnaa is capable of propping your hopes back up again!

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