2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART ONE

2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART ONE

This is part one to a series of how "what is happening today" can be seen through the lens of western astrology, and the placements of the planets in our sky...

Well, there you have it (photo above): the moment when the public schools announced to all parents that they will be closing for two weeks, following March Break. This was a Thursday Night. Why oh why they didn't just do a cold stop, why oh why did they still have kids come into school for one more day of exposure, why oh why did they let people go away for March Break, and then not send a proper message to all about adhering to complete isolation upon return, putting everyone along the way at serious risk of the dot dot dot?

This only speaks to the twisted priorities of our past society:

- one more day for people to get "stuff" from their lockers

- one more day for teachers to "make sure the kids have work to do to keep their education going while they are off" (an education, focused on performance, status, and money, that I feel, quite frankly, is responsible for the world we have today!)

- one more chance to "make money off people" while they go on vacation

Sick, sick, sick, and this is why we are all hidden inside, to prevent ourselves, but more importantly, to prevent those at higher risk, from getting sick, sick, sick.

The above was written by Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist, Alahnnaa Campbell (of You Have A Life Plan).

Together we will be teaching a course called "Interpret your own Astrology charts", with a free intro session on April 26th 3-5pm EDT.

Here is my (Stan Dynak's) contribution, in parts, so it is easier for you to digest:

Part ONE:

I wonder how many of us were really looking forward to the first days of 2020 which, we might have hoped, would open up a brand-new decade allowing us to leave the turbulent and chaotic 2010s behind?

Despite a few obstacles and bumps in the road here and there, Canada and its economy seemed to be on a fairly solid ground, having escaped most of the economic troubles and financial meltdowns, which plagued other areas of the world, including our southern neighbours, for the past decade or so.

And the world economy, with its continuous and never-ending growth, seemed to be well poised for another decade of progress, expansion, and development, with better and stronger financial results, delivering increasingly higher profits, to the shareholders and business owners.

So what happened? Where did we go wrong?

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What happened? Where did we go wrong?

Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash

Were we just living in a fool’s paradise for a long time, or did we miss something that has been with us for a while, staring us in the face, while we ignored its early warning signs?

A great number of people worldwide are grappling with this dilemma right now, trying to come up with some reasonable and convincing answers. Many of us recognize that this current worldwide crisis is just a smokescreen, a front-line event, gathering tons of attention from the media and general public, with an underlying tone and theme, which covers up some sort of a ‘hidden agenda’.

Perhaps we really are standing on the threshold of some massive cosmic change and transformation.

Maybe, as a great family of human beings, we are way overdue for a great transcendence, enlightenment, and spiritual rebirth en mass. Could this actually mark the time of our entry into the very first days and weeks of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius, with peace on earth and the brotherhood of man and women, working and living side by side, in friendly cooperation and collaboration?

Having witnessed the emptying of shelves, at local grocery stores, and watching very similar insanity taking place worldwide, with people’s instincts for survival dominating our usual consideration for others and our friendly attitudes towards our next-door neighbours, I have my doubts.

This isn’t to say that we are not in the midst of some global transformation of consciousness, and that these recent events and developments are not just a small part of some much bigger cosmic event taking place, but collectively, we don’t appear to either be ready for it, or be willing to part with our precious past, to boldly move into a new future, which may be vastly different from the world we know today.

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Who knows what the future holds?

Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

Astrology, with its knowledge of the planetary cycles, can help shed some light on what’s been going on in our immediate neighbourhoods and in other corners of the industrial world, for the last few months.

Without getting too detailed or too astro-technical about it, the long-term planetary cycles, which build up over a great length of time, and take decades, or even hundreds of years to develop, and to come full-circle, are considered to be the ‘weather-makers’ of our world economy cycles, our financial ups and downs, the world politics, social movements, governments rise in prominence, as well as their falls from grace, and so on.

The five ‘outer planets’ (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), which belong to this special group of ‘reality-shapers’, tend to move very slowly through the skies.

As they travel around the Sun, at their individual pace, they eventually form special relationships and connections with their counterparts, which in astrology we call aspects (or geometry: oppositions, right angles, to each other, relative to the earth, etc).

Aspects can be in a form of easy-flowing and supporting contacts, which we tend to view as ‘the good times’. Or, at the other extreme, they can produce stress and tension, which are usually associated with the 'necessary growth and change', usually interpreted as ‘difficult or challenging times’.

Just like the Sun and the Moon, which go through their usual monthly dance: of coming together at the New Moon, separating to be diametrically opposed to each other at the Full Moon, and the half way points on either side, at the First and Last Quarter Moon, and everything else in between, the outer planets have very similar cycles and aspects of their own.

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Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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