2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART FOUR

2020 and beyond - A western astrology perspective PART FOUR

This is part 4 to a series of how "what is happening today" can be seen through the lens of western astrology, and the placements of the planets in our sky...

Following on, from where we left off, in Part THREE...

There was some expectation, for a return to the norm, as Saturn and Mars began to pull away from their tight grouping with the other outer planets (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn), at the end of March.

This can be seen, in the cover image, as you observe the shift in the placement of these planets, from March 12th (the announcement of the post-March Break school closure, in red), through March 19th, 2020 (the Spring Equinox, in orange), to Today, April 5th 2020 (in green).

However, things are not so simple.

As one aspect moves on in the sky, another aspect moves in. Specifically, the Saturn-Uranus "closing square" (marked by the pink lines, in the cover image, see the SIDESTEP for more details), and Saturn moving to join Uranus in a "fixed" sign (Aquarius and Taurus, respectively, marked by the blue line and arrow), making this situation a bit harder to "get rid of".

As alluded to in Part THREE, the Saturn-Uranus "square" creates huge potential for short-term shocks and disruptions to the system, as father Uranus (genius or criminal) and son Saturn (who does everything by the books) battle it out, for right and wrong!

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The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn

Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/

As a result, the existing social structure may need to face some new and unexpected challenges. There could be some difficulties meeting financial obligations, while the emergency aid packages overtax the available resources - issues of Saturn.

And, as my family just reminded me, this battle for power (the definition of a "square", where one often has trouble seeing the other person's perspective) is not just in the societal realm, but also in our homes. It is not just limited to father-son, but is expanded to parent-child and couple relationships. And, this time, I think Uranus (genius or criminal) may be the woman or child, trying to over-throw the outdated desire for order and control of their parent's/grandparent's generation. What goes around, comes around.

Either way, what we may be witnessing in the next couple of months, only strengthens and reinforces our need to band together, and recognize that:

We are all in this together, we are all a work in progress, and, if things go really bad, we can look to each other for support!

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Don't Give Up, You're Not Alone, You Matter!

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

For those of us whose lives have already changed dramatically, or for those who feel that they are stuck at home, with unfair restrictions on their freedom, please take a closer look at your current activities and daily habits (an expansion from "the moon stuff" that we alluded to in Part THREE):

  • Would you have picked up a book in your spare time before?
  • Would you have had the time to play with your children, write a longer email to your siblings, or connect with your cousin via Skype?
  • Have you always enjoyed writing or drawing, but never had any time for it since you started focusing on your career?
  • Are you starting to enjoy seeing what you are capable of creating, instead of ordering take-out or going to a local restaurant?
  • What have you accomplished in this time, that you thought was impossible for you before?
  • Are you getting more time to simply cuddle your baby?
  • Have you had the opportunity to notice, perhaps for the first time, some things your kids are actually naturally very good at?
  • Have you realized how different members of your family really do operate on different sleep-wake cycles/rhythms? Have you allowed this to be ok?
  • Has the parent with more work responsibilities learned to appreciate the parent with more home responsibilities, and vice versa?
  • Have you discovered what you really miss, and what you quite frankly do not miss at all?
  • What have you finally given yourself permission to start doing, or to stop doing?
  • What no longer matters to you, and what do you now hold more dear than ever?

These ^^ are all important clues to what you truly seek in your life, and it is ok to be different, to want different things, and to want to return to a NEW normal, instead of the old normal!

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This time is a gift to discover what you really want in life!

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Spending time in social-isolation or working from home is a great way to reconnect with our feelings and the playful and creative aspects of our personalities, which was next to impossible just a few months/weeks ago!

Take what you enjoy from this time, and see how you can preserve it, no matter what happens in a few weeks or months.

And, when you are ready with all that, here comes Pluto...

(see Part FIVE for more on this)

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Here's the news / wake up call!

Photo by Marcus P. on Unsplash

Up until now, you have been sold a lie, that you have to go to school, and be like everyone else, to get into a good school, get a good paying job, and then save money to retire.

This, is NOT the life that was intended for you, or any of us.

This is why the schools are not running and your investments are disappearing.

It is time to start over, with the things NO ONE can take from you. Once you have learned a skill, once you know who you are, that can never be taken from you. Take this time to figure out who you are, and to build your unique skills!

  • To those, who are spending their time hacking into systems, or creating computer viruses. You clearly have some skills, that could be put to great use. How could you use your skills in a positive way?
  • To those running on fear, and trying to get others to run on fear. You also clearly have some skills, how could you put your skills to use, in a way that feels better for yourself and others?
  • To those of you who have started creating jokes, memes, or music videos with altered lyrics, for others to enjoy, or simply to express yourself, maybe you have talent in that too?

Its not that there will be no school or no money...

But people will hopefully seek out opportunities to learn, that are aligned with who they want to be, and what is of interest to them. Instead of the old route of con-formity (creating the foundation of who people are based on a lie, a con).

And, hopefully the education opportunities that will be successful, will be successful because they align with what people are seeking, not just because that is what the government is funding or demanding.

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Find your truth and make it happen!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

The same with money. We may still have money, but hopefully people will stop trying to stockpile it, and, rather, use it as intended, keep it flowing. Take what you need, spend on what you value, etc.

I used to think I was here to save people. I am not.

I am here to work with those who want to save themselves. Not their bank account, not their progress, not their home, or their status. Their soul and salvation.

We save ourselves, by connecting to our unique truth, accepting that we are all a work in progress, and thinking about "what do I have to offer, and what do I need from others, how can I work with others, so I get what I need, and they get what they need".

There is no retirement from life!

We don't have to keep buying things we don't need to support local businesses, that are just trying to keep an old model alive. Buy what you need. Stop feeling sorry for others. They need to do the work, just like you need to do the work.

It is time to wake up!

As soon as you retire from life, you start to die!

Those who hated most of their life, just waiting to retire and live, you missed a lot of good years. But never fear or regret, as there are truly no mistakes in life, just different perspectives that we get to enjoy, when we move towards what turns out to be a better fit for us in the end.

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No regrets, there are no mistakes in life!

Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

And remember: No one is required to care for you or your health! That has always been your job, don't give your power away like that!

For those who are ready to empower themselves, Stan and I will be hosting a FREE online info session on April 26th, 2020, 3-5pm EDT, for an upcoming paid astrology course.

In this free session, we will cover:

  1. The degree to which you understand astrology
  2. Your interest when it comes to developing your astrology skills and understanding
  3. The depth to which astrology can be understood and applied
  4. Stan will also check to see how each of you are doing in your own "social-isolation", and give you some tips, from your own natal astrology chart, on why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, and how you can leverage your unique skills and needs.

Come play with us!

Ignore those that are making a mess right now. Send them your love and acceptance. Then focus on YOU! Because, in the end, you are all you will ever have!

Just so you know, a good portion of this can also be seen in the skies, through the lens of astrology, by looking at the delayed effects of the 2010-2016 Uranus-Pluto opening square, with its initial trigger (conjunction) placed in the mid/late 1960s, as alluded to in Part TWO, Part THREE, and the SIDESTEP of this series. We are also dealing with the "death" of the last Saturn-Pluto cycle (1982-2019), and the "birth" of the new Saturn-Pluto cycle (2020 onward), to be discussed more in Part FIVE of this series.

Are we getting another chance to try to create Heaven on Earth?

Wishing you well, whatever you decide to do, on this journey of life, in this very exciting time, of starting over, but not at the beginning, and never alone! Yay, us!

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Alahnnaa Campbell (Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist), and

Stan Dynak (Consulting Astrologer)