Rotolining Solutions for Pipelines

Rotolining Solutions for Pipelines
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A method of seamless polymer lining for carbon steel pipes, fittings, and vessels. Rotolining is a one-of-a-kind process that has recently seen significant improvements in part complexity and material performance. This method allows for the application of a seamless polymer lining to the interior surface of metal structures with polymer coating. The use of high-performance thermoplastics in Rotolining ensures that this process will grow and become an industry standard.

Granular resin is placed inside the structure to be lined and all openings are covered during the rotolining process. The structure is heated while being rotated about two axes at the same time. The resin melts and flows evenly across the structure's inner surface, bonding to the metal substrate. After cooling, the result is monolithic corrosion and chemical resistant lining that conforms to complex shapes and is virtually stress-free. There are different applications of Rotolining like small storage vessels, filter housings, small reactors, process equipment, marine piping systems, and equipment, etc.

The Best-in-Class Corrosion Protection Technology is Roto-lining / Polyethylene Lining, which is effective against crude oil, saline water, wastewater, and the most corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, oxidizers, solvents, and salts. It can be applied to Carbon Steel pipes, spools, fittings, vessels, and process equipment, among other things, in the form of a protective layer enriched with corrosion-resistant additives. As a result, there are fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs. When compared to other Corrosion Protection techniques, it results in significantly longer and more reliable uptime. The smooth polymer surface also contributes to a smoother flow and lower pump power consumption. When this technology is used, the life cycle costing of the assets is significantly reduced. The main benefits of rotolining are that the internal coating and lining can be significantly thicker than with other methods, and that complex shaped equipment with limited access can be easily lined.

1. Corrosion Protection Technology that is best in class

2. Excellent corrosion resistance in crude oil, sour gas, seawater, wastewater, and chemicals

3. Lower heat dissipation, higher flow rates, less deposition, and lower overall pump power consumption.

Polycon is the first and only company in the UAE to provide Roto-lining / Polyethylene Lining technology to the region's Oil & Gas, Marine, Desalination, Chemicals, and Process industries.