Polycon Water Tanks: The brand we can trust

Polycon Water Tanks: The brand we can trust
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Set up in the UAE, Polycon Gulf Ltd. is a pioneer in the manufacture of water storage tanks in the GCC and serves the needs of thousands of satisfied customers throughout the region.

With a strong commitment to quality and service, Polycon is a market leader in offering custom molding, a wide range of Water Tanks, Road Barriers, Portable Rest Rooms, Illuminated Planters, Roto Lining on the interior surface of carbon steel pipes and tanks, and more.

Polycon products are manufactured using medium-density polyethylene – an environmentally compatible hydrocarbon. Polyethylene is a high grade thermoplastic that has exceptional resistance to both physical and chemical attack.

With their sole focus to innovate and make customer experience better, they manufacture safe, strong and durable products roto-molded to every customers need. Polycon Gulf strives to explore new applications, markets and boundaries, every day.

Polycon water tanks are molded from UV stabilized and FDA approved food-grade polyethylene material which guards against bacteria, fungus, and algae. The Water Storage Tanks are approved by UAE Municipalities and have high environmental stress resistance, can withstand high-pressure impacts and poor temperature conditions while protecting the water from ultra-violet radiations, and leakage.

Polycon’s underground tanks or Septic tanks are designed to withstand earth pressures that would normally crack traditional tanks. What’s even better that these tanks don’t require any additional heavy lifting equipment is required for installation, since they are light weight and compact.

These underground tanks stand from the other average ones as they are characterized with deeply formed corrugation and longitudinal ribs which lend extra strength and stability. This makes the structure sturdy and ideal for various altitudes and environments.

Polycon’s underground tanks are manufactured as single-piece. If simple installation guidelines are followed and tanks are inspected, you can expect long, trouble-free service.

Polycon products are manufactured from years of experience and are highly reliable. They are produced with the highest grade under strict quality control that matches the requirements of DIN ISO 9001:2008 at each stage of the manufacturing process. Get in touch with them today, for the best quality storage tanks in UAE.