What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity in Winter vs Summer?

What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity in Winter vs Summer?

Have issues with your indoor humidity levels? Feeling uncomfortable? Getting the right indoor humidity level should be a priority for every homeowner...

In summer, do you ever feel that your house is unbearably stuffy? Like sitting in your living room is like being in a cave on a 100°F day? Or do you end up with dry skin and itchy eyes in winter?

These feelings are all caused by humidity. Put simply, humidity is the amount of moisture/ water vapor (what water is called when it's in a gaseous state) in the air.

When the relative humidity is higher, there is more water vapor present in the air, and when it's lower, there is less.

Ideally, you want to maintain an indoor humidity level of 30-50% at all times. However, this can change depending on the season.

This article will help explain the difference in relative humidity in winter vs. summer and what you can do to get an ideal indoor humidity level.