How to prevent heartworm in dogs? Know Why Heartworm Prevention More Important

How to prevent heartworm in dogs? Know Why Heartworm Prevention More Important

Heartworm facts show why using heartworm prevention is better. Here are some tips, how we can prevent heartworm in dogs.

When it comes to the health of our pets, we leave no table turned. From administering flea and tick preventives to keeping their physical health in check, we make sure our pets are in good health. However, some mosquitoes and insects manage to get past this and infect our beloved pets. Intestinal worms, especially heartworms, can pose severe health risks to your buddy. Therefore, here we are focusing on heartworms in dogs and how to prevent it.

What is heartworm in dogs?

Heartworms are passed onto dogs through mosquito bites which transmits the heartworm larvae into the dog’s body. The larvae, in about six to seven months, get matured and lodges into the blood vessels of the dog. In fact, the heartworms can also enter the heart, which may prove to be fatal.

What Are The Signs Of Heartworm In Dogs?

Usually, dogs don’t show any specific signs of heartworm infection. Since this disease mainly infects the organs of the dog, the symptoms might be persistent and mild. Dogs that are heavily infected might show some fatigue, constant cough, weight loss and decreased appetite. Therefore, it’s vital to have your dog checked by the veterinarian on routine basis.

When it comes to heartworm treatment, it is available, but it’s very complex. Not only if severely hampers your pet’s health, it is also very expensive. Therefore, it’s best to use preventive measure in order to protect your furry pal from all the suffering. Below we have mentioned heartworm facts which show why using heartworm prevention is better.

  • Heartworm infection is transmitted via mosquitoes, so no dog is safe from heartworm infection.
  • Every state of United States has heartworm infection now.
  • Heartworm disease is fatal and can be fatal if not treated on time.
  • Prevention of heartworm is easier than the treatment.
  • Over a million dogs in the United States have heartworm infection.
  • The heartworms pose risk throughout the year, so the preventatives have to be administered all year round.

Plenty of heartworm preventive treatments are available in the market. One of the most recommended heartworm preventatives is Heartgard Plus for Dogs.

In order for heartworm preventives to be effective, they should be administered every month. Missing a dose can expose them to the risk of getting infected. Therefore, always remember to administer those treatments on time. Moreover, don’t forget administer flea and tick treatments to your dog because you don’t want him to get irritated because of the parasites.

We know you love your furry pal more than anything, therefore we advise every pet parent to pay heed to their pet’s health. This will not only keep him safe from the health issues but also improve his quality of life.