National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

November 2 - 6th is National Animal Shelter Week

A BIG SHOUT OUT to all the Volunteers who travel at great lengths to rescue pups from all over the world!
Your hard work is appreciated at the great lengths you take and time devoted to making sure each dog is cared for and goes to the right home.

Pawsitive Pets teams up with Local Dog Rescues and gives back 10% of all our dog boxes!  When you rescue a dog from one of our shelters you will receive a 10% off code to use on our boxes!  It is a great way to support your local dog rescue and start your pup on the right track with healthy Canadian made products.  At checkout, you get to pick your dog rescue and we give another 10% back to them for you, and we think that is pretty cool.
Do you give back to a local dog rescue yearly, monthly?  Is your pooch rescued? We want to hear who your favorite dog rescue is
Some of our local rescues who we support are Niagara Dog Rescue, DCDR, Northern Reach Rescue South, Save our Scruff, Ugly Mutts, Paws of the North and more......