5 Reasons Why You Need Artificial Turf for Your Dogs

5 Reasons Why You Need Artificial Turf for Your Dogs

Artificial turf is very safe for one’s pet, especially dogs, as dogs are affected most by natural-grass pests such as fleas. Dogs are very playful pets and will often be drawn to the soft, thick natural grass on one’s front porch. However, this may expose them to dangerous pests, which could lead to damaged fur and skin and many discomforts. Also, natural grass will most definitely require a lot of maintenance, as pets will urinate on the grass and eventually damage it, which makes artificial grass an excellent alternative.

Nevertheless, here are five reasons why you need artificial turf for your dogs.

Cleaner Odorless Environment for Your Dog

Stains on natural grass are pretty hard to get rid of. Urine and feces often wind up becoming hectic to clean as they form mud pits on natural grass. Spotting stains on natural grass may also prove difficult due to its uneven nature. Eventually, waste may accumulate in one part of your pet’s playing area, leaving it with a smaller room to play and exposing it to many pests and potential infections.

Getting rid of spotting stains with artificial turf is very easy, as the grass is usually even. Cleaning up can be done relatively fast, and with a bit of soap and water, stains are bound to be eliminated, which keeps the playing area uniform.

No Room for Exposure to Pests

Pets are naturally playful and explorative and like digging up dirt in their playing area, leaving gaping holes and unintentionally exposing themselves to micro-organisms and pests such as ants, mites, spiders, and fleas. Natural grass also gives pests a conducive environment to thrive and multiply.

To secure a safe playing environment for pets, pet owners have to constantly use pesticides which renders the environment unsafe for a pet for some time and is usually not a long-term solution. With artificial grass, pet owners no longer have to worry about pests as they can hardly survive in an unnatural environment. Pests have no choice but to move when they land in artificial turf, as there is no food to sustain them.

Pets Do Not Note the Difference

Most pet owners often wonder whether their dog will love the artificial turf as much as natural grass. The truth is that pets may be able to tell the difference. With time, they are bound to love their playing environment more. The cleaner, safer environment allows one to play with their pets on the turf while allowing kids to play with pets all year long. In addition to this, manufactured grass is designed so that it is gentle to a dog’s paws. With this in mind, a pet owner questioning whether artificial grass in Dallas, for example, will alter well with their pet no longer has to worry.

Pet Will Be Cleaner

When pets play in the natural environment, they are bound to be back with a lot of dirt on their bodies. As a result, pet owners usually have a hard time bathing them and letting them dry before allowing them back to their houses. Pet owners, often result to restricting a pets’ time outside, which can strain the pet and owner relationship.

Artificial turf is usually a great solution for this, and both parties tend to benefit. With a cleaner environment, where pets can no longer dig up dirt, the need to constantly bathe one’s pet is eliminated. In addition to this, a dog no longer has odors that are irritating.

Playtime Is Hardly Restricted

Natural grass is prone to damage, and thus, pet owners often find themselves restricting their pets on the amount of time they can spend playing. Other pet owners go ahead to restrict the number of days their pets can play outside. Having pets indoors on most occasions only keeps the pet sad and feeling lonely. The synthetic nature of artificial grass ensures that pets cannot do any damage. As such, pets can play outside all day long, day in day out. One’s dog is also unlikely to contaminate artificial turf due to the presence of anti-bacterial agents.


Before keeping a pet in the compound, potential pet owners should go for artificial turf. Many cost savings are usually realized, and pets have more fulfilling time outside. However, it is necessary to be careful when choosing artificial turf. Do your research and find the best artificial turf for your dog.