Manna Slim – Secret Holy Superfood for Weight Loss!

Manna Slim – Secret Holy Superfood for Weight Loss!

Do You Want to trigger the fat burning cells in your body… And get rid of your belly fat almost overnight…

Today i am presenting you a clinically proven and all-natural supplement that will allow you to target the real root cause of weight gain, completely purge your body of obesogens and get rid of every single unwanted pound.

An incredible formula, based on an ancient recipe that combines the purest and most naturalherbs found in the Bible that will help you become your best-looking self, without havingto pay for gyms, dangerous appetite suppressants or life-threatening surgeries…

And it’s so simple to add to your daily routine that you will eventually do it without thinking…

And so cheap that you will curse the day you first spent money on a gym membership…

Unlike classic weight loss medicines, MannaSlim has NO SIDE EFFECTS because it’s 100% natural…

And unlike being tortured in gym-hell, it won’t cause you any pain because you can use it from the comfort of your own home…

And It’s Called It MannaSlim!

But why i am calling it ‘The Holy superfood’ ? just it is not another weight loss supplement??

What did manna represent in the Bible?

Manna was the supernatural food God gave to the Israelites during their 40-year wandering in the desert.

The word manna means “What is it?” in Hebrew.

Manna is also known in the Bible as the “bread of heaven,” “corn of heaven,” “angel’s food,” and “spiritual meat.”

Check This Medical Miracle From God Himself!

The Holy Superfood Ingredients

It’s so simple and effective, in fact, that it works in just 3 easy steps.


Before your body can start rebalancing itself, it has to get rid of all the poisons threatening its health.

Manna slim holy superfood

Manna Slim superfood supplement

Manna Slim superfood

To do that, the purest Red Clover imported all the way from Israel. It’s said to have grown on the green pastures of the Holy City, where the shepherds would often take their sheep.

The leaves must be dried at exactly 95°F for 2 days to conserve its properties.

It’s then ground into a powder that comes with strong anti inflammatory defenses that lay the groundwork for the next herbs to come into play.

Then, the Blessed Thistle enters the stage. It has been present in the Bible ever since Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin and it’s believed that it first appeared in Iran.

So the Blessed Thistle used for MannaSlim came straight from Mount Damavand.

This little flower is a great ally against bacteria and any other toxins in your body, helping to decompose them.

Squaw Vine is the next “herbal archangel” that is being added to the mix.

When picked between June 20th and 1st of July, the berries of this shrub achieve maximum natural antibiotic properties, effectively destroying any trace of poison from your blood.

And last but not least – it enriched the mix with extracted from each of these biblical plants.

These little soldiers complete the process of breaking down the toxins with their strong anti inflammatory properties.


After these devilish obesogens have been broken down into tiny, harmless pieces, it is timefor them to be washed out of your body for good!

This process begins with the Wild Yam.

The now extinct variant used to grow around the Tomb of Jesus

So one had to trace the other most potent yam plants all over the world and find that the Mexican type is 280% stronger than the other ones…The Mexican Wild Yam will dilate your blood vessels so the toxins can be taken faster to your bladder.

From there, the diuretic properties of this plant will make sure you pee out even the smallest trace of infection.

Then, we need some strong antioxidants to make sure your blood is capable of cleansing itself of these venomous substances.

That’s where Sage comes into play. It contains 28 compounds, 25 of which are completely dedicated to making sure your blood oxygen stays on healthy levels.

Then by added Female Ginseng to the mix, sourced straight from Mount Changla in China, where apostle Thomas preached the word of Jesus in 52AD.

This one was the hardest ingredient to find, as it can only be cultivated at over 1.24 miles high up in the sky.

The farmers have to be extra careful with it because it has to avoid direct sunlight and can only be harvested at the beginning of October in its purest shape.

It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and we are using it now to offeryou the ultimate natural antibiotic and blood pressure regulator.

When your blood pressure is normal, it gets much easier for your body to wash out toxins.

To complete this process, Licorice have been added.

This sweet spice was used in the sweet drinks Moses would have at the Egyptian court. After that, it has been adopted by Ancient Chinese medicine, Old Middle Eastern healers and Greek professors to treat inflammation and breathing problems, thanks to the wandering Apostles.

So you’ll be able to quite literally breathe out toxins. Not to mention that it will make your skin look glowy and beautiful.

And the last step in this Holy Healing Trinity is...


After you’ve gotten rid of those poisons, it’s time to heal decades of damage they’ve done on your body. So we kick start this process with Fairy Candle, a plant that’s famous for its hormone-balancing properties.

This plant is said to have first appeared near Holy Mary’s house after she was visited by the Angel. This miracle plant has also been used for centuries by redskins to also treat breathing problems and even snake bites, as it helped effectively remove the venom.

Next, Chasteberry enters the stage! It’s also known under the name of Abraham’s Balm and it had been the very tree that God first spoke to Moses from. It has been used for centuries to treat infertility but only recently was it discovered to also heal hormonal imbalance caused by obesogens. This one was a bit easier to bring in, as it came from Nantucket.

But the hardest part was waiting for the winter temperatures to hit the ideal -68°F so wecould have it picked in its best healing form.

MannaSlim is clamed to be enriched with False Unicorn and , which have been brought forth from Egypt by God Himself to feed the Israelites during the Exodus.

It was hard getting these straight from Egypt, especially because the berries lose their properties at temperatures higher than 33.8°F.For this mix, I found out that only the dark red fruits had all the healing elements needed.

It’s really hard to went through all the trouble with sourcing these two plants because thanks to their strong antioxidant and hormone balancing properties they make the perfect duo to finish this mix.

But despite all these extraordinary advantages, Manna Slim was created with ONLY ONE PURPOSE IN MIND:


How does Manna Slim actually work and why is it so good?

It’s extremely simple, really. With weight gain, heart disease and any other weight-related issue, the obesogens from the environment wreck your inner balance, causing all these problems. And because, as you’ve seen, there’s really no way to avoid these, you have to deal with the problem internally and bullet proof your organism against future attacks.

Surely there are certain compounds in herbs that have thepower to flush out these poisons and prevent them from ever entering your body again.

MannaSlim gives you all of these 12 ingredients proven to purge your body of the obesogens and restore your inner balance. And these 12 ingredients come in small capsules that you can take twice a day.

It’s completely natural and totally safe, whereas appetite suppressants can kill you and exercising leaves you sore all over for a couple of days.

It’s extremely affordable. Just think how much money you will save when you won’t spend them on gym memberships, personal trainers, “healthy foods” or classic medicine

Does Manna Slim work for everyone?

This remedy works for absolutely everyone. So whether you’ve been struggling with weight for decades or just just want to get into better shape for an event, Manna Slim will work perfectly for you as well.

You see, the ingredients in this supplement are so powerful they can wash out decades of obesogen buildup in your body, leaving you good as new.

Also, it doesn’t even matter how old you are – Manna Slim works at any age. It also functions as a strong preventative tactic.

If you know weight problems run in your family, you can ward them off using this treatment. Because with MannaSlim, you will shield yourself from obesogens, so you can rest easy knowing these devilish toxins will never enter your body again.

How soon will I see results?

Typically, the biggest initial changes are seen in a few short weeks, with dramatically improved mental clarity and noticeable memory recall.

you’ll start seeing life-changing results in as little as a few weeks from taking drugs as per prescription doses.

MannaSlim Superfood Price

Manna Slim supplement Price

Manna Slim Price

Do You Want to trigger the fat burning cells in your body… And get rid of your belly fat almost overnight…

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