Benefits of Dry Shampoo for your Dog

Benefits of Dry Shampoo for your Dog

Find out why we connected with Woofers Wash Dry Shampoo for your Dog

There is a dry shampoo for dogs? The simple answer is YES! 
Pawsitive Pets connected with Woofer Wash who makes a 3 ingredient dry shampoo for dogs.  They use essential ingredients like Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Spearmint, and Lavender each having their own distinct advantages. Not wanting a scent? No problem, it also comes unscented.
Lavender has a calming effect on dogs (and people); Cedarwood repels fleas and ticks; Lemongrass keeps the pesky bugs away; and Spearmint is also a cooling refreshing calming affect.
If your pooch does not like to get into the tub then our dry shampoo is perfect to repel unpleasant odors that your dog picks up in between grooming appts.
Great for puppies and dogs that have a fear of baths too!
So what is the process?
Its simple..............
1. shake the powder onto your dog
2. rub in like a massage (your dog will love this part)
3. brush 
Quick and simple; which is why Pawsitive Pets LOVES featuring Woofer Wash Dry Shampoo in our boxes.
Just watch our video to see how easy it is........

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