How To Become A Better Leader Or Pastor - Steve Munsey

How To Become A Better Leader Or Pastor - Steve Munsey

The senior pastor of the Family Christian Center is Pastor Steve Munsey. His trademark "Story-time" series.

Church leaders must constantly strive to serve God better than they did today. This is what our life's mission requires. If we focus on this issue today, the churches we serve will be better and stronger tomorrow. This is not something for the weak-willed. The spiritual growth of pastors and their congregation will quickly come to a grinding halt if they become content with where they are in their spiritual journey. However, the pastor who strives for improvement will be in a position to recognize opportunities for personal and church-wide growth when they arise.

According to Pastor Steve Munsey, the following are some ways a pastor or leader can improve as a pastor or leader for the church they serve.

Pray: It can be challenging for pastors who are specific in their rights to submit to God in prayer. These people have many exceptional human qualities and gifts God has bestowed upon them. However, I can tell any pastor that beginning with worship rather than human abilities and skills will advance you far in both the short- and long-term toward becoming the best pastor/leader you can be. Our Lord has the power to transform you into something you can never fathom. Why would you desire something just imaginable in God's mind to not come true for you? You must spend a lot of time in prayer, pursuing whatever God has for your life if you want God's plan to come to pass. You will improve as a pastor or leader after you accomplish this.

Think: You become what you think about. For instance, research has shown that basketball players who visualize themselves shooting and converting free throws perform equally well in real-world contests as those who regularly practice the skill. God has endowed you with a strong mind that allows you to use your cognitive abilities. God can communicate to your heart when you feel. You recognize the immense human gifts God has given us when you believe that you use your God-given talents to reason and pay attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Be: This is who you indeed are. It is not the front we present. We become what we consume. Waste not, want not. The words entered and spoken. The mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart. It expresses who we are. A pastor or other leader must embody what God desires of them. Being is distinct from acting. It goes beyond that. Although doing is essential, being represents who we are. Pastors must aspire to give God they're all. By doing this, their capacity for efficacy is multiplied and exponentially increased.

Act: It is one thing to think, pray, and be, but ultimately we must take action. You'll get better if you act. Consider the opportunities we may have missed throughout history because of folks who prayed and thought but did nothing. May you never be accused of serving timidly as a pastor or leader. Despite your fears, never let them stop you from acting. Working people place their faith and confidence in God to accomplish what they cannot do on their own or through their efforts. Acting has made them better pastors and leaders. Act now and let the cards fall as they may. God handles the rest.

The four steps to becoming a better pastor or leader are to pray, think, be, and act. You will feel more strongly about who God wants you to be once that occurs. This is crucial for all Christians, especially those in positions of leadership that God has called them to. All Christians should note this, especially those whom God has placed in leadership positions.

The senior pastor of the Family Christian Center is Pastor Steve Munsey. His trademark "Story-time" series and illustrated sermons are well known for their beautiful depictions of the Bible. Steve Munsey approaches each year as director, author, and producer with a fresh outlook and biblical wisdom, demonstrating his heart for evangelizing this generation for the Kingdom of God.