What is a CAMPT Certified Physiotherapist?

What is a CAMPT Certified Physiotherapist?

Canadian Physiotherapists take tremendous pride in their profession. Their focus is to help patients, get better, recover faster and stay healthier.

CAMPT Certified?

At Mainway Physiotherapy, we have a lot of clients calling and asking if they can see a CAMPT certified physiotherapist.

Other than an acronym, what does this designation mean?

CAMPT stands for Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy.

CAMPT certified physiotherapists are Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT). These physiotherapists have advanced training and education in manual and manipulative therapy. and have achieved the highest international standards of hands-on therapy.

In order to achieve this designation extensive post-graduate education in the area of orthopedics must be completed.


Below are some of the areas of pain that can be treated by Manipulative Physiotherapy.  As you can see there is a wide array of problems including neck pain, herniated disks, arthritis and other common ailments that can be treated.

headaches, joint pain, mid back, pain, tennis, elbow, golfers, elbow

Credit: https://manippt.org/for-patients/

Look For The Logo

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Look for the Logo

At Mainway Physiotherapy, we are proud to display the logo so that you are aware of our areas of expertise.  This logo or seal of certification is a monitored accreditation and you can confirm certification HERE.

To see physiotherapists who have taken extensive postgraduate education in Physiotherapy call Mainway Physiotherapy at 905 332 3800 or visit our website at www.mainwayphysiotherapy.com.