We have a soccer team. How would you develop an exercise program for us?

We have a soccer team. How would you develop an exercise program for us?

At Mainway Physiotherapy, we get requests all of the time to develop physiotherapy driven exercise programs for teams to help prevent injury.

Designing An Exercise Program For Your Soccer Team

As far as designing an exercise program for a soccer team it would depend on the age of the players and the time of season.

The exercise developed would also need to address the demands of the sport and take into account the long term training plans for that particular athlete and team.

It is also highly advisable for each player to go through a biomechanical screening by a physiotherapist to determine whether there are any limitations in that particular athlete which could affect their involvement and progress in the exercise program. We call this Pre-Hab.

Preventing Injury Through Physiotherapy

When starting a new season or entering into pre-season for outdoor soccer, emphasis at this time of year would be on developing both an anaerobic and aerobic base of conditioning.

As the season progresses into competition the focus of the exercise program is on maintaining the gains that have been achieved during the preseason and avoiding injury and overtraining.

Age of your team matters

With designing an exercise program for a younger group of players (under 10 years of age) emphasize needs to placed on creating games and drills that are fun and at the same time work on their overall athletic development. For example, playing tag where each player is dribbling a soccer ball is fun and develops ball handling skills.

In an older group of athletes from 11-14 years of age some athletes may be experiencing a rapid growth spurt. Emphasis is placed on developing their skills and motor abilities (e.g., flexibility and coordination). Body weight exercises and light equipment can be introduced at this stage of development.

In the 15-19 years of age group the intensity and volume of the exercises will increase and strength development will be very specific to the demands of the sport of soccer.

Be Ready

In summary, designing an exercise program that is fun for the players and takes into account the age of the players and the long term training plans of the team is essential. In addition, having a biomechanical screening done by a physiotherapist and incorporating those findings into the exercise design will help avoid injury and increase their fun and success on the soccer pitch!

If you are part of a team that wants an exercise program or you might be recovering from a previous injury, Mainway Physiotherapy is available to help.

We our proud of our relationships with Burlington Sports Teams.