Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises for Skiing or Snowboarding

Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises for Skiing or Snowboarding

Now that we are in the full swing of winter, Mainway Physiotherapy has the techniques you need to be prepared for skiing and snowboarding.

Before any winter activities, it’s important to remember to keep your body moving!

Warm up and cool down activities are a simple and effective way to prevent unnecessary strain from any physical activity you enjoy.

There are a few techniques and stretches that you can practice. By incorporating these methods you will prevent injury and keep yourself healthy on the slopes!

What is dynamic and static stretching?

Dynamic stretches involve continuous movement through a range of motion that puts a specific muscle on active stretch. Only about 5-10 minutes is needed for a warm up to be effective. So make sure to set aside some time for your stretches. Keep your body healthy, warmed up and ready for physical activity. Static stretches are sustained or held movements, generally for 20-30 seconds and repeated about 3-4 times on each side. These warm-ups and cool downs are designed to assist in preventing injuries during and after your skiing and snowboarding activities.

Warm up in your room

There are so many avenues to help you warm up and to get your body in motion. Make sure to work your hips, back, hamstrings, all the while getting your overall circulation going! Breathe deeply when stretching, because the oxygen helps to release excess tension in your muscles.

Start with a mobility based dynamic warm up incorporating these whole-body exercises:

-          Cat/cow

-          Childs pose

-          Thread the needle (on all 4s)

-          Dynamic quad and hamstring stretches

-          Rotating lunge and hip flexor stretches

These dynamic stretches can be repeated 10 times per side in order to improve mobility prior to any type of physical activity.

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Don’t forget cool down stretches after your big day

After a fun day on the slopes, it is important to continue to cool down your body after a long day of physical exercise. These stretches are considered static movements. They are to be held for 20-30 seconds and repeated 3-4 times. Stretching after physical activity or workouts should only take about 10-15 minutes. Go slow and enjoy the feeling of stretching after a long day on the slopes.

Here are some stretching suggestions from the therapists at Mainway Physiotherapy:

-          Seated hamstring and quad stretches

-          Figure 4 glute stretch on back (see here: https://youtu.be/IrDEy7LIdds)

-          Calf stretches against wall

-          Foam rolling also helps improve the flexibility of the muscles that were just worked.

These stretches are much slower, controlled and sustained. They will help your muscles relax and lengthen, with a goal of preventing excessive muscle soreness that can last up to a few days after. Always make sure to drink lots of water, during and after physical activity, to keep your body hydrated! Hydrated muscles are always less stiff and stay strong for the next run!

Enjoy your skiing and snowboarding, have fun, and stay healthy!

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