Prehab before Rehab at Mainway Physiotherapy

Prehab before Rehab at Mainway Physiotherapy

The philosophy is simple – Prevention of Injury. Prehab can help identify weakness or stiffness in a muscle or joint before injury

Prehab is a proactive approach to avoiding pain and injury. The primary focus of prehab is maintaining and improving full body stability and mobility.

You will build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas, while improving mobility, balance and joint function. Decreasing the potential for injuries, as a result.

The philosophy is simple. It can help identify biomechanical limitations - weakness or stiffness in a muscle or joint before injury.

For athletes, prehab is a series of strength training exercises and aims at preventing injuries before they occur. Training the muscles surrounding vulnerable joints, can prevent injuries sustained from repeated wear and tear.

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For example, overuse injuries are very common in golf and many golfers play with pain that affects their game. The golf swing is a highly dynamic rotational motion and very repetitive, which can cause injury. The most common areas are in the shoulder, wrist, and lower back. Prehab is a great way to be proactive and prevent the pain of injury

Prehab can also be of benefit for people awaiting orthopaedic surgery. The better condition they are in when they have surgery, the quicker they will recover from surgery.

Mainway Physiotherapy offers a preventative injury risk assessment of the body with one of our qualified and trained physiotherapists in order to establish the correct treatment tailored to the patient.

Despite your current fitness level and the activities you engage in, prehab should be a part of your routine to help you maximize your workouts and remain injury-free. Regardless of any pre-existing conditions you may have, prehab will help enable you to live your happiest, healthiest, fittest life.

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