My Son Has a Knee Injury From Football. When Can I get Him Back On The Field??

My Son Has a Knee Injury From Football. When Can I get Him Back On The Field??

What does Andrew Hoermann of Mainway Physiotherapy have to say?

Well...That Depends

That really depends on the severity of the knee injury. Some injuries that look mild on the surface can actually be more severe.  Continued play on the field can increase the risk of a much longer-term injury.

Recall in the NBA finals when Kevin Durant went out and played too early and with a bit of strain in a single game, he re-injured himself to be out for most of the following season.

Assess It

Getting a physiotherapy assessment to help determine the severity and prognosis will help you develop a timeline as far as return to football.

As a result of the assessment, we can decide what level of strength training programs are needed to get back on the field.

A good program will not only focus on the involved area but will also address other areas such as the gluteal and hip group of muscles and the core muscles which can directly affect that athletes back, knee and ankle.

The root of an injury, very often in football, can be tied to other areas of the body.

Although you may want your child back on the field, it is important to take a holistic approach to rehabilitation of that athlete to not only recover from this particular injury but also help prevent future injuries.

If required, in addition to the strength program, our physiotherapists can provide options for that athlete with regards to braces or taping which will allow the athlete to return to football earlier.

We also try and work closely with coaches to ensure that the athlete goes through a progressive return to competition.  In the end, the health is more important than the game.

At Mainway Physiotherapy our therapists have the training and experience working with athletes from many sports.

We have been able to help those athletes return to a competitive level successfully.