#burlon Hockey parents. Will a Biomechanical Screen help performance?

#burlon Hockey parents. Will a Biomechanical Screen help performance?

We all know it's important to start conditioning but, better understanding the individual athlete's body can lead to better performance and reduced injury.

Get A BioMechanical Movement Screen

This year, as your child gets on the ice, it's important to know ahead of time, where a body could have increased levels of risk to injury.

A biomechanical movement screen involves assessing the particular movements and muscles that are directly related to hockey performance. This screen can be applied to any sport-related activity.

Your physiotherapist, upon evaluation can find areas in the body that might have limitations with respect movement that can increase the chances of injury.

For example, your child may have tight hips or tight hamstrings and both of these areas of the body if not properly prepared for, can be easily injured in hockey.

Teenagers, as they are growing, can often have multiple imbalances in their muscle formation that can compound the injuries associated with hockey.

The Results?

From the child's assessment an individualized corrective exercise program is designed for the athlete to address these limitations. The goal of this program is to not only improve performance but also prevent injury in hockey.

The biomechanical screen is a form of what we call prehab and the studies show that any form of preventative maintenance in sport has incredible benefits.

  1. Better Performance
  2. Reduced Chance Of Injury
  3. More Fun In Sport

Are you ready for the upcoming hockey season?

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