How to Find Perfect Magnetic Gift Boxes?

How to Find Perfect Magnetic Gift Boxes?

Magnetic gift boxes rule the world of display packaging. The greatest magnet gift boxes don't really flaunt the magnets, but instead allow their detectable snap to do the talking, thanks to a sleek, elegant design. These custom boxes are more secure and have a tougher build, providing even more strength to a hard box. Magnetic Gift Boxes Wholesale are in trend in Australia these days.

Everything is Cool when it has Magnets

The Magnetic gift box has the structure of a mailer box, complete with a hinged top, and overlapped magnetic studs that make for satisfyingly secure closure. Magnets can be applied to almost any bespoke box to create a unique design, such as our Lock Fold Boxes Open Boxes.

Magnets are used as a closure flap in certain of our Custom Pad designs. Custom magnetic gift boxes make an instant keepsake and are ideal for marketing and sales kits in addition to commercial packaging. Mag boxes provide incredible value to every product packing and are worthy of a spot on the shelf, mantel, or vanity.

Personalised Foil Stamping

Any name or brand can benefit from custom foil stamping and embossing on their magnetic gift boxes. This procedure, which involves hammering a metallic foil onto the surface of a magnetic box, is a terrific way to balance a one-colour backdrop or keep the graphics plain and simple while maintaining that luxurious appearance.

Custom UV Spot Printing

Spot UV Print gives your magnetic box a high-end, trendy appeal. Spot UV is a protective print coating that is applied and cured using ultraviolet lights. This method produces an incredibly high gloss, hard finish.

Spot UV is used on dull surfaces such as super soft lamination, scratch-free matte lamination, and soft-touch paper. The glossy sheen on a dull surface truly draws attention to the design. Magnetic gift boxes themselves are amazing and appealing and with different complementary add-ons, they rule the world of Gift Packaging.

SBS Paperboard with Custom Die Cut Foam Fittings and Inserts

A perfect die cut foam insert will give the inside of your magnetic gift box a clean, professional look. A colourful backdrop for just any item is created by uniform spacing and a range of colours to enhance the goods.

Elegant, custom-crafted foam encases breakable or fragile objects. SBS Paperboard has numerous applications. It can be a box, a foam topper, a pocket, a tray, or an insert for one of our pointed edge boxes. The SBS Boxes can indeed be printed digitally or offset on our sturdy paperboard cover with your own artwork.

Versatile Usage

It may sound limited but magnetic gift boxes have a wide range of uses and hence are usually ordered by companies and brands as magnetic gift boxes wholesale Australia. Magnetic gift boxes are perfect welcoming boxes for the new employees as well as brand anniversary or event themed magnetic boxes for employees to make them more loyal to your companies.

Even if you want to use them for PR Packaging, you are thinking absolutely right. They make outstanding pr packages providing the influencers with the mesmerising unboxing experience and remarkable product journey. It is the right choice for all occasions so you don't need to think twice before placing wholesale magnetic gift box orders.

Custom Magnetic Boxes Samples

With Oxo Packaging's experience and one-of-a-kind manufacture, your magnetic gift box will stand out from the crowd in the business market. For a high-end look, customise your box with printing technology, embossing or debossing, spot ultraviolet, foil stamping, or screen printing.

Include die-cut foam or SBS inserts, as well as thermoformed plastic trays, to accommodate samples, components, or SWAG. These magnetic boxes, which are exceptional for branding, are a potent marketing tool with an absolutely affordable pricing factor.

These boxes are available in a wide range of material options with multiple add-on choices that you can select according to your need and occasion. They can be tailored into different shapes and sizes with different colour schemes as per the customer choice and event’s demand.

So stop storming your brain and get in touch with our representative to place your orders, for all order queries or even to request for free generic samples. We are happy to assist you by all possible means !!