The Most Powerful Unique ID Generator for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM

The Most Powerful Unique ID Generator for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM

You can easily create thousands and millions of records in the SugarCRM modules, but have you ever thought about how you’ll keep count of them. One way to add auto-incrementing serial numbers by using coding languages or another way is to add unique IDs manually. To perform any of these tasks you need to be an expert in programming languages, otherwise, you could end up with messed-up data. In order to resolve this issue, we have developed a plugin called SugarCRM unique ID generator, its ability to automating the task is unparalleled. Let's overlook this extension.

What is a Unique ID Generator?

Put simply, this plugin of Outright Store for your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM software creates the Unique IDs automatically for your records. No matter how many records you have, you will get the serial number and every number will be unique. You will not see a number getting repeated relentlessly. This extension works automatically without any error, so go for it. Your CRM business requires such an A+ add-on for managing the business operation easily.

If you want a serial number generator for SuiteCRM then it will cost you $275 only, unless a discount is in place which we frequently offer. Don’t disappoint, if you’re a SugarCRM user, we have the plugin for you as well. The SugarCRM Unique ID Generator will cost $399 USD only and it consists of some advanced features too.

Is it affordable for every business?

If looking to fill your bucket with superlative Plugins and a Unique ID Generator is one of those then you should invest in this extension and get amazing ROI. Additionally, we want our clients to get a secure product with an easy installation guide. So, that’s why you must adapt “FREE PRODUCT TOUR” to get the guidance of Configuration and Installation from us. Even more, we have a 3-day free-of-cost trial offer for you as well, in this time period you can check the functionality of the plugin in your CRM solution.

How many functionalities does the Unique ID generation have?

Before you plunge into purchasing this add-on, let’s get aware of its features to robust your business. Let’s go-

  • To classify the records, we presented Prefix and Suffix functionality for you all in this extension of SugarCRM. Users can entail special characters, alphabets, etc.
  • A user can select the custom opening number if it is important. Like our extension will help you to start with the number 500.
  • SugarCRM unique ID Generator will assist you to add Padding to the serial number. It can be a numerical, special character, etc.
  • This extension of SugarCRM will prioritize the existing records first when you install them in your CRM software. Also, it will not repeat any number as we already told you above.

Advantages of assigning unique IDs to records

The use of Unique identifiers is a very common practice adopted by many organizations in order to keep organized and easily identifiable. When a unique identification key is assigned, which could be a combination of name, address, stage, or anything else.

  • An auto increment number will be generated whenever a new record is created into the database.
  • You can easily distinguish between the records by just looking at their serial numbers.
  • Data management will be more efficient than ever before.

We hope now you’ve understood the importance of automatically generated serial numbers, especially for a huge and diversified database.