Success with Coconut Flour Recipes

Success with Coconut Flour Recipes

The best coconut flour recipes use the correct proportions of flour and liquid. Learn the magic formula here and bake gluten-free with success.

If you’ve had poor results with coconut flour recipes you’ve found on the Web, don’t blame your baking skills. And don’t blame coconut flour! There are plenty of great reasons to cook and bake with organic coconut flour—we’ll get to those later—but there are also plenty of bad recipes. Unlike unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic coconut flour can’t be substituted for wheat flour on a 1:1 ratio. Organic coconut flour is much drier and more absorbent than other types of flour. Without an adjustment to the amount of liquid, baked goods will come out heavy and hard or crumble like old paper.

Coconut Flour Benefits

So why bother? Coco Treasure organic coconut flour is made from nothing but organically grown Philippine coconuts. It is the dried and ground meat of the nut. With all the benefits it offers, coconut flour is worth the small amount of trouble it takes to learn how to use it. For example:

  • High in protein
  • High in fiber
  • Gluten-free
  • Good source of lactic acid (lactic acid is known to support the thyroid, strengthen immune system and aid in weight loss)
  • Good source of manganese (supports bone health and maintains healthy blood sugar levels)
  • Does not require soaking
  • Contains healthy coconut oil

The Best Coconut Flour Recipes

As you search for organic coconut flour recipes to try at home, take a quick look at the amount of liquid–especially eggs–the recipe contains. As a general rule, it takes six eggs and one cup of liquid to balance one cup of coconut flour. Any recipe that looks like it has simply substituted organic coconut flour for some other type of flour without adjusting the liquids is sure to be a flop. Hey, is this a cookie or a paper weight?

Here at the Coco Treasure website, there are plenty of coconut recipes you can trust. If you’re new to baking with this amazing product, start with a few reliable recipes and experiment as you learn more about the nuances of organic coconut flour baking. When you do decide to adapt some of your favorite personal recipes for organic coconut flour, substitute each cup of grain-based flour for approximately ¼ organic coconut flour. If batters or doughs seem too loose, increase the amount of coconut flour to 1/3 cup. And of course, don’t forget the guideline for adding eggs and other liquids.

With a bit of practice, you can use organic coconut flour in all your favorite recipes.