Hacking It – A Great Coconut Oil Tip

Hacking It – A Great Coconut Oil Tip

Here's a coconut oil tip that really is brilliant. It will save time & money and make it easier to enjoy the perfect amount for every use.

More studies show Extra Virgin Coconut Oil may deserve the title “Super Food.”

Let’s be real, a lot of so called “hacks” are pretty whack. At best they might save a few seconds or a few cents, but when it comes right down to it few amazing tips are really useful enough to make us change our habits. Well, we’ve got a coconut oil tip that really is brilliant. Not only will it save time and money, it will make it easier to enjoy the perfect amount of unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil for every use.

Here at Coconut Health, we love everything about organic extra virgin coconut oil. It’s rich in healthy medium chain fatty acids, it’s versatile, it’s good for the inside and outside of you and it’s delicious. If organic extra virgin coconut oil has one fault, it’s that the consistency changes with the temperature. This practically magic elixir is shelf stable, in fact it has a very long shelf life compared to most other oils. It can stay fresh without refrigeration for up to two full years. But because it’s not hydrogenated, the oil will melt or harden as the outside temperature fluctuates. Since you might not want your oil to liquefy during warm weather, storing it in the refrigerator makes sense, but then it becomes too solid. Need a teaspoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil? Get out the ice pick and hammer! Our coconut oil tip may seem counterintuitive at first, but once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why we’re bragging.

Best Coconut Oil Tip — Ever!

So what’s the solution to the inconsistent consistency of our favorite oil? The freezer! Freezing pre-measured cubes of organic extra virgin coconut oil means you never have to scrape hardened oil from the jar or waste liquefied oil in an over-pour again.

How to Make Frozen Coconut Oil Cubes

For this trick you’ll need:

  • Silicon muffin molds
  • Baking sheet
  • Measuring spoon
  • Melted organic extra virgin coconut oil–Remember, never melt coconut oil in the microwave or at temperatures higher that 350 degrees F.
  • Freezer storage bags

Place the silicon molds on a baking sheet with shallow sides. Measure 1 tablespoon of melted oil into each muffin mold. Transfer to freezer and freeze for at least 30 minutes and up to 24 hours. Remove from molds and place cubes in a freezer bag. Label with a permanent marker. Store in the freezer until needed.

Now you have an exact measurement of 1 tablespoon any time you need it. Chop the cube in thirds if your recipe calls for only 1 teaspoon. The pre-measured portion will only take a few minutes to soften when left at room temperature, or pop it directly into a warm skillet if you don’t want to wait.

Sure, go ahead and try peeling a mango with a drinking glass. We’ll just be over here enjoying a coconut smoothie while we wait.