Coconut Oil Pulling: Better Oral Health

Coconut Oil Pulling: Better Oral Health

Does coconut oil pulling work to improve oral health or is it all a hoax? Find out if this ancient health secret will work for you.

Coconut oil pulling: No, it’s not a medieval form of torture. Though admittedly it sounds like it could be painful. Oil pulling is simply a concise term for swishing oil around in your mouth. Not painful at all! By most accounts, the idea originates in India. It has been practiced there for a few thousand years. The Western world credits the introduction of the method to a Ukrainian medical doctor in the 1990s. He is Dr. F. Karach. But many folks still don’t really know what oil pulling is or why they should do it.

Talks About Coconut Oil Pulling

Recently, lots of testimonials and experts of all stripes have resurfaced. They attest that oil pulling helps in a lot of things. According to them, it helps improve skin conditions, ease headaches, and lessen the effects of arthritis. Also, it balances hormones, and cures liver problems, which, in fairness, it may do. Few tests have been conducted, and who knows what the healing potential may actually be? After all, it’s not unusual for traditional remedies to be devalued. Not until the scientific world finally puts its stamp of approval on methods that are helping people stay healthy for centuries.

Does Oil Pulling Work?

What we do know is that studies on oil pulling show a “statistically significant reduction” in gingivitis-induced plaque. The result occurs after 10 days of using the method. Furthermore, oil pulling has been found to reduce Streptococcus mutans bacteria. It is a major contributor to tooth decay. Organic extra virgin coconut oil, is no surprise, the most recommended type of oil.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine published a recent report. They specifically recommend organic extra virgin coconut oil because of its high concentration of Lauric acid. This acid is a proven anti-inflammatory and an antimicrobial. Both traits are valuable for fighting gingivitis and other oral conditions. Other sources that specifically recommended organic extra virgin coconut oil for oil pulling, include natural health specialist Dr. Mercola and WebMD.

How to Do Coconut Oil Pulling for Better Oral Health

Coconut oil pulling is as easy as swishing mouthwash around in your mouth. The trick is you just do it a little longer. Try these tips to get you started.

1. Oil pulling is best done in the morning.

Coconut oil pulling is best done in the morning before eating or drinking. But anytime is beneficial.

2. Use the right amount.

Ideally, one to two teaspoons organic, unrefined extra virgin coconut oil must be used.

3. Place it in your mouth.

And then, place organic extra virgin coconut oil in your mouth and let it melt.

4. Swish thoroughly.

Next, swish the oil through your teeth and around the mouth for about 5 minutes, eventually building up to 20 minutes. If your jaw muscles feel sore after pulling, you may be working too vigorously.

5. Wait for it to thin out.

Eventually, the oil will thin out and become milky white as it mixes with your saliva.

6. Don’t swallow it.

It will then be loaded with the debris and bacteria it pulled from your mouth and gums. Thus, avoid swallowing or gargling the oil .

7. Spit it out.

Finally, spit out the oil when finished and rinse mouth thoroughly. A solution of warm water and baking soda is highly suggested for rinsing.

How Often Should You Do Oil Pulling?

Okay, if you are trying to address certain oral health issues, you can do oil pulling at least twice a day. If not, do it prior to eating. Depending on the condition of your mouth, you can adjust your oil pulling routine.

Remember, oil pulling has to be done alongside with a health diet. By doing so, the teeth still get the right amount of minerals and nutrients needed to stay strong.

Once you start oil pulling, you may experience positive results immediately. If not, it could take days or weeks. Basically, it will depend on the current condition of your body. Either way, just hang on in there.

Why Do Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil?

The odd texture and taste of coconut oil might cause you to dislike using it. However, once you discover its health benefits, you’ll forget about them. Here are some reasons to do oil pulling with coconut oil.

1. It improves immunity.

When you swish coconut oil in your mouth, all the germs and bacteria are pulled away. That is because you are cleansing your tongue, gums, and teeth. Once you spit out the oil, the microbes in your body are eliminated. Hence, immunity is improved.

2. It boosts energy levels.

Normally, if you feel restless, it is sometimes because your immune system is overworked. By giving immunity a boost, you will have enough energy your body needs.

3. It keeps the skin glowing.

There might be no direct link between the skin and your mouth. However, skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis can be associated with your gut health. If your gut is in good shape, your skin will glow.

4. It reduces tooth decay.

Research suggests that coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay. When you swish coconut oil, all the cavity-causing bacteria are eliminated.

5. Bad breath is prevented.

Halitosis or bad breath can be caused by bacteria in the mouth. Through coconut oil pulling, signs of halitosis are reduced.

6. There’ll be no more sensitive teeth.

If you feel pain when you eat something too hot or cold, then you might have sensitive teeth. Fret not. By swishing coconut oil every morning, teeth sensitivity is reduced.

7. It restores your teeth’s natural color.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by poor oral hygiene. Thankfully, oil pulling can bring back your teeth’s natural color.

8. It’s a safer alternative to mouthwash.

Another benefit of coconut oil pulling is having to say goodbye to mouthwash. Though most mouthwashes are safe, some contain toxic ingredients. As a result of using them, a person may be at risk for oral problems.

Who Can Do It?

So, who can perform oil pulling?

1. Children

Yes, children can perform coconut oil pulling, as long as they know not to swallow the oil.

2. Pregnant Women

Using coconut oil for oil pulling is generally safe for pregnant women. This is highly relevant after the first trimester. Oral health is so important to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

3. Those with Dental Issues

Even if you have dental problems, metal fillings, or crowns, you can still use coconut oil for oil pulling. But just to be sure, consult your dentist.

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Important Things to Consider When Coconut Oil Pulling

A clean and healthy mouth might just be the key to preventing oral health problems. And of course, oil pulling is truly an amazing method to improve the oral health. But please note that oil pulling should not be considered a substitute for brushing and flossing. Rather, it should be an addition to your existing oral health regimen. After you have tried coconut oil pulling for several weeks, you are sure to get hooked on the habit. Sooner or later, your teeth will feel shiny and smooth. In fact, they’ll appear they just underwent a deep clean.

Now, would you try coconut oil pulling in an effort to live healthy and well? Let us know by commenting below. Sign up for our newsletter for more of these healthy lifestyle reads, too! Who knows? The secret to a healthier and fitter you might just be lurking in your inbox!