6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil To Enhance Your Fitness Routine

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil To Enhance Your Fitness Routine

Aside from helping in weight loss and providing energy, coconut oil helps a lot in fitness routines. Read here to know how more.

It’s time to reap the perks of what you are working hard for! How? It’s simple. Using coconut oil on a regular basis can definitely offer you more when paired with your fitness routine.

More often than not, you will notice coconut oil being mentioned in articles pertaining to workout motivation tips. That is because it provides fabulous health benefits and has the ability to energize the body.

Read on to find out more benefits of coconut oil and why it’s an essential part of staying healthy.

1. It keeps you fit.

If an illness or the feeling of being ‘under the weather’ is keeping you off your fitness routine, coconut oil might just help. The American Society for Nutrition recommends the use of coconut oil because it does not only boost our immune system due to its antiviral and antimicrobial properties; it also destroys the lipid membrane of the pathogens that try to enter our body and render them ineffective.

Regular consumption of coconut oil keeps you fit and allows you to pursue your workout routine because once you fall out of your habit of working out, it’s very tough to start anew.

2. It builds muscles at a faster rate.

Adding coconut oil to your diet will build your muscles at a faster rate due to its incredible abilities to burn fat. The hormone, testosterone, is primarily responsible for shaping up and toning the muscles of our body, and coconut oil helps by accelerating the production of testosterone in our body.

Not being able to build enough muscles is the primary reason most people leave their workout routines. But coconut oil can give the right nudge to your muscle building ability. That is why this is one of the most important workout motivation tips out there.

3. It provides instant energy.

Energy is one of the most important things that you need when working out. Thankfully, there is coconut oil, which is a proficient energy booster. Unlike energy drinks, it will give you all the energy you need without making you crash later due to its slow-digesting fats.

Because of its different kind of chemical composition, coconut oil is processed differently by the human digestive system than other foods. In fact, it does not put any stress your system. Also, its medium chained fatty acids are sent straight to the liver and then digested. So, coconut oil is a great addition to your diet as it will keep you energized and stay on track with your workout routine.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil To Enhance Your Fitness Routine

4. It boosts calories.

If you are struggling with not being able to maintain your workout routine, you may agree to the following. How often has it been that you have had a late night out, didn’t have much to eat, and woke up fatigued and too tired to exercise the next day?

It actually happens to most of us, but the trick is to not to give up. Instead, try a snack with coconut or coconut oil in it. Being a food with high energy density, one tablespoon of coconut oil can give you a boost of up to 117 calories! And due to its high-calorie content, coconut oil can leave you feeling recharged and refreshed in no time, especially if you are feeling tired or exhausted.

5. It’s Better than Coffee!

While early morning is the best time for a healthy session of exercise, it’s often a luxury that even the most disciplined of us cannot have due to our habit of sleeping late and waking up even later. And even if we do manage to get out of our beds in the morning for an exercising session, chances are, we will go right back to bed.

The best time to exercise in the morning is before having your breakfast since it’s good for fat loss. However, during that time, you can’t have coffee to get your senses tingling for a workout session because it causes the level of acid in your stomach to rise. Plus, the consistent occurrence of which might lead to conditions like heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and stomach ulcers. Hence, mixing two to three teaspoons of coconut oil with a glass of juice will really help jumpstart your body.

6. It helps in weight loss.

Eating coconut on a regular basis will boost your stamina, build your muscle, and help your body lose weight. Another reason why it’s often mentioned in articles containing workout motivation tips is the fact that it allows you to lose weight quicker, which motivates you to work out harder and stay on track.

Coconut boosts your metabolism and allows you to shed pounds. So, regardless of whether you are looking for workout motivation tips or fitness hacks, adding coconut oil to your diet is considered great for your fitness goals.