6 Beauty Benefits You Can Get from Coconut Oil [Infographic]

6 Beauty Benefits You Can Get from Coconut Oil [Infographic]

Coconut oil is not just used in the kitchen; it’s also an ingredient used in beauty products. Read on to know more about the perks it offers.

If you have already switched to using coconut oil in the kitchen, then great. But did you know that this ingredient has plenty of other uses than cooking? Yes, you read it right. Whether you believe it or not, this wonder oil has been used in beauty products for years now.

From a skin moisturizer to a makeup remover, here are other benefits you can reap from coconut oil.

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Natural Hair Mask

At room temperature, coconut oil is at a creamy solid state. When heated to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes liquid. So if you melt it by running water into the container, you get a natural hair mask that’ll bring back the bounciness and shine of your hair. After applying shampoo, simply put a generous amount of oil to your wet strands and let it sit for five minutes before rinsing.

Skin Moisturizer

The creamy and buttery texture of coconut oil makes it an ideal moisturizer to slather all over the body. Every after shower, apply a generous amount in your body so that it’ll sink into your skin. To have a fragrant massage oil, add several drops of lavender or peppermint.

Natural Lip Balm

Dry lips? It won’t stand a chance with coconut oil. Store an ample amount into your desired container and let it sit until it achieves solid state. Once you have it, dab it onto your lips using your finger. Now, you can feel pretty and chic at any time of the day!

Eye Bags Remover

The skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin. That is why it is prone to puffiness and fine lines. If you hate spending your hard earned cash on overly expensive eye creams, you might want to use coconut oil as another alternative. Using your fingers, warm it up by rubbing it. And then, pat it underneath the eyes. It’s as simple as that.

Hair Softener

If your hair is thick and coarse, worry not. With coconut oil, you get a shiny and soft hair throughout the day. Use a pea size of oil and rub it between your fingers to warm it up. Apply it to the damaged part of the hair to have it protected from frizz the entire day!

Body Scrub

When combined with sugar or sea salt, do you know that coconut oil makes a wonderful body scrub? Using your hands, rub the mixture of oil and salt onto rough areas of your skin. It’ll not just remove the dead skin cells, it’ll also leave your skin baby soft.

Since you know already know all these benefits coconut oil has to offer, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive beauty products. All you need to get is one product – coconut oil. Nothing else.