5 Reasons to Use Organic Coconut Nectar

5 Reasons to Use Organic Coconut Nectar

Coconut nectar may be new to you, but it does deserve a spot in the kitchen. Here are 5 reasons why you should use organic coconut nectar.

People nowadays are becoming more and more aware about the consequences of consuming refined sugar. It is for that reason why many are looking for healthier alternatives. One healthy and natural sweetener that is slowly getting the attention of the world is organic coconut nectar.

If you are doubtful about whether or not to welcome this sweetener at home, let these 5 reasons below convince you.

Why You Should Use Organic Coconut Nectar


1. It does not affect the taste and texture of your favorite recipes.

Unlike maple and agave syrup, organic coconut nectar does not ruin the texture of any baked treat. It does not even alter the taste! And there’s more! Because you need not to make recipe modifications, you save yourself from the headaches of adjusting the measurements of other ingredients. To use it, the replacement ratio is just 1:1.

2. It does not harm the environment.

The world is so dependent on sugar. However, in some cases, the production of commercial sugars causes harm to the environment. Sometimes, the processes involve harming the animals, polluting the waters, and even violating the rights of humans. But in the case of organic coconut nectar, sustainable methods are practiced.

3. It is healthy and sweet.

Of course, organic coconut nectar is still a sweetener. But in contrast to others, it just has an edge health-wise, with a low glycemic index and reduced fructose content. That only means it is a healthier alternative to commercial sugars.

4. It is non-GMO free of chemicals.

If you noticed, the majority of the refined sugars sold in the country today are made from GMO sugar beets. Thus, if you wish to avoid them, organic coconut nectar might just be what you need.

5. It is unrefined and pure.

From flour to other baking ingredients, it is evident that most products sold in grocery stores these days have undergone excessive processing. But in the case of organic coconut nectar, you can be confident that it is generally unrefined and unprocessed. No wonder why it still contains nutrients from the coconut palm tree, such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals.

Considering all these reasons, would you replace your sweetener at home with organic coconut nectar? Well, we suggest you should!