The Most Painful Zones Of The Body For A Tattoo

The Most Painful Zones Of The Body For A Tattoo

If you are hesitant to get a tattoo due to the pain, you definitely want to avoid certain areas of the body...

Getting inked in some places can be more painful than others. For those with a low pain threshold, you might want to reconsider getting a tattoo in any of these spots.

Are Tattoos Painful?

You will feel a little pain during the inking process. Needles distribute ink under a layer of your skin. Yes, they can cause a little pain. Some people have high pain threshold levels, and it might only feel as bad as a cat scratch or sunburn for them. Due to the intensity, others will experience higher pain levels and might have to break up the sessions. Keep in mind that a few body areas are more sensitive than others. Those are the spots you may need to avoid if you want a less painful experience. If you are concerned about the pain levels, make sure to ask for advice from any of the local Philadelphia tattoo shops.

Rib Cage

If you want to avoid a painful experience, you should reconsider a tattoo on the ribcage. This area is an excruciating place for a tattoo. Many people don’t have much muscle, fat, or skin on the ribs. As the needle enters the skin, you are more likely to feel it. Heightened pain could be caused by the nerves surrounding the ribs, which are closer to the skin. Plus, when you breathe, your ribs move, making the inking process a bit more painful. Some people have reported that the pain remains even after the session.


The head area is another painful spot to add ink. Once again, the lack of fat is the main reason why this spot can be a painful place for your next tattoo. In addition to that, nerves are abundant on the head. You might not know it, but the vibration and noise from the tattooing process can create an uncomfortable sensation in your skull. For a few people, that sensation is worse than the actual pain of a tattoo.

Inside The Thigh

You might think that the inside of a thigh should be less painful because there is plenty of muscle and flesh. Along with that, this space is not close to the bone. However, this location could be one of the most painful spots on the body. There are many reasons for that. Since it doesn’t get much exposure, this spot is extremely sensitive. When it comes time for the tattoo to heal, there is a greater chance that it will rub against your other leg, creating more pain.

The Most Painful Zones Of The Body For A Tattoo

Inside Of The Elbow And Upper Arm

Those with a low pain tolerance should avoid these areas. There are two major nerves in the arm that run under the inner elbow. As a result, that spot is sensitive. When the nerves are pinched, it causes a shot of pain that goes right down the arm.

Ankles, Feet, And Wrists

Any tattooing around your ankles and feet can cause plenty of discomfort and pain. Like other

sensitive areas of the body, these locations have very little fat, and the skin is next to the bone. Wrist tattoos are popular, but they are another pain-causing location. There is no fat or other cushioning around the wrist. When the needles make contact with the nerve endings, you will feel a rush of pain.

Fingers And Hands

There is a theme to discovering the most painful body areas: they all lack fat or muscle to cushion the needles. The hands and fingers are no exceptions. Along with that, the skin is thin and sensitive. The ink also does not stick easily to the skin, and the artist will have to go over the space several times. In addition to that, there are ligaments and bones in those places, which can make for a highly uncomfortable tattoo session.

The Most Painful Zones Of The Body For A Tattoo


The armpit might not seem like a traditional space for a tattoo, but many people are getting these spots inked. If you want to get tattooed here, remember that there is an axillary nerve and several glands in the armpit. The skin in that space is also very sensitive.

Now that you know the most painful spots for a tattoo, what are some of the ideal ones? If you have your heart set on a tattoo, but don’t want to cry in pain, here are some of the best places for your next ink.

Side Of Calf

Any spot that is above the ankle and below the knee is the ideal place for a tattoo. Remember to stay away from the shin bone. The side of the calf is less painful because there are fewer nerve endings than inside of the leg. However, if you are inked in the back of the calf, it will be a more painful process.

Outside Of The Arm

If you get a tattoo on the outside of your arm, it will be a less painful experience. Tattoos on the inner regions of the arm are very painful. The outer part of the arm has skin that is not close to the primary nerves. Some people have said that they barely feel the needle in this location.

The Most Painful Zones Of The Body For A Tattoo

Outer Shoulder

Many people choose to get a tattoo on the shoulder. This spot is ideal because there are not many nerves in this area. There is enough flesh to provide a soft cushion against the tattoo needles.

If you are ready for your next tattoo, there are plenty of less painful places to get inked. Pain levels can vary. Don’t let that stop you from getting a tattoo. Reach out to a professional gallery and ask for advice about your next inking session.

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